From Our Inbox: adieu ODZ, welcome more traffic congestion

The ‘details’ are out and they confirm that the PN proposal for a trackless tram on wheels – the equivalent of a 3-carriage bendy bus – will:

1) Clog countless junctions on our road network;

2) Devour thousands of square meters in ODZ land including fields and potentially garrigue.

Worse than this, although it is being marketed as a cheap mode of transport, when compared to the metro alternative, trackless trams are not a good value for money.

So let’s get this straight, if you want your village or favourite city centres changed for good and dominated by vehicles over 30 meters long, it seems you can go straight and vote PN. Because this is exactly what they are promising on our roads.

If people had concerns until a few days ago, we’re sure that seeing none other than Perit Toni Bezzina fronting such a mammoth infrastructural project has sent shivers to the vast majority of the Maltese. Nothing personal here but they seem to fail to understand the implications of what they are proposing. And he went on to state that such trams can take between 300 and 500 passengers at one go, implying that not only is the three-carriage bendy bus being considered, but even the five-carriage one, standing at a whopping 53 meters of length. Can anyone even think of a single junction in Malta that can take that?

And just look back a few years to when Arriva was disastrously introduced, because this one will be far worse.

And if the Arriva mistake was extremely costly, the probability that Malta will recover from a €3 billion infrastructural blunder is bleak.

We can only wonder what is behind this proposal, but whatever it is, it is definitely not in Malta’s best interest.

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