From Our Inbox: Another Castle In The Sky

If there is a sector that could attract bi-partisan consensus it is mental health and the need to prioritise this, its stakeholders, and most importantly the scores of people affected by it.

The PN has put forward its vision and it was commendable that fighting mental health stigma was one of its main battlecries.

Fast forward a few months and disgusting revelations come out on the real state of affairs within what is increasingly appearing a morally corrupt party.

Calling one of your own on mental health issues? Sorry, get ready to pack up and leave before inflicting any more damage.

Mario Galea was a long serving MP known by everyone for his affable self.

More than this he was a mental health hero who took the courageous step to go public about his suffering using his public persona to help the thousands of others going through similar ordeals.

The more one reflects on the PN’s destructive behaviour it becomes clear how spoton the new PL billboard is. They have destroyed their party and they are also destroying their most loyal components.

Do we want the future of our children in such hands?

The answer is clear, it’s a big no no.

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