From Our Inbox: Bernard and Elton John

While we can excuse his blunders as he desperately tries to look youthful to attract the young vote, from an age group perspective, his failure to follow Elton John’s wise words are unforgivable. But let’s put Bernard’s free condoms, ‘gamer’ credentials, and this singer aside for a moment.

Questioned again about his stance and insensitivity towards hopeful parents-to-be, he dug deeper. Not only did Bernard fail to backtrack from his outrageous comments but he pushed his point even further insisting on a PN vote from those who are in their mid-forties, fifties and sixties, who according to him can’t have children, so they can make themselves useful by voting PN to help others.

Why is IVF treatment being used in this way by the Nationalist Party? Do they think the electorate does not remember how because of the PN’s pseudo-religious beliefs they demonised the legislation that enacted these essential health rights, and in doing so, they also demonised those who desperately needed these essential services.

Why is IVF treatment being used in this way by the Nationalist Party?

When it comes to the introduction of such measures, not only is the PN not credible, but it has a scary track record.

Back to Elton John now.

It’s sad, so sad. Why can’t we talk it over? Oh, it seems to me, that sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Got it Bernard? When in a hole stop digging and apologise.

You owe it to all those couples that go through hell and over in hearing your irresponsible statements.

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Teresa Pace
Teresa Pace
2 years ago

Everyone is promted by beliefs, even the non-believer. Having someone (PN) who still is prompted by Christian beliefs and values is no biggie. It is a biggie when you realize that PL is destroying the tiniest moral fibre left in Malta in every sense. Giving all that is pleasing to people is creating a new Babylon and chaos for the simple reason that people want things which contradict each other. Chaos leads to violence and crime. There must be order to rule a country, certain rules.