From Our Inbox: Bernard and the Buzzwords

Is this a government in waiting? More of an ill construed teleshopping show. Fancy words, flying figures, all smiles and hands in the air.

The PN had just one main job, prepare a strong solid campaign to present itself as a real alternative. It had time on its hands without having to deal with the real job, that of running the country with vital tasks such as safeguarding employment, and making sure Malta’s economic growth is sustained, to name a few.

Bernard Grech said that his party showed a prepared united front that was ready to go into a positive campaign. Have they? Not really.

So far the main battle cry has been a one billion euro proposal to stimulate 10 new economic sectors presumably at 100m euro each. A proposal that goes back to schools of thought of government interventionism that have no place in today’s modern economy.

Is the PN proposing to discriminate one sector over the other, and why does the PN want to restrict the flexibility with which Malta’s economy has successfully straddled from high to high? And how does this stand with the EU projecting Malta economy with highest growth of the block?

Great start Bernard, and by the way four resignations on the first full day of the campaign, impressive.

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