From Our Inbox: Bernard and the Tank Engine

A metro is costly he said, he won’t dig tubes, and has his own proposals. Muttering his way through rhetoric keeping his audience wanting more.

Mass transportation, and the design of such systems require extensive studies by professionals of international standing.

For Bernard Grech, the studies that have been concluded last year were simply a waste of money, he went even to link Malta’s ambitious metro plans to the film festival held earlier this year. Go figure the relationship between the two.

It was already evident that the leader of the Nationalist Party is ashamed of our Maltese identity but it is now becoming even clearer that he has no trust in Malta’s potential. An inherent negativity and apathy that continues to show that the only aim of the Opposition is to survive the day and the limit the extent of the looming defeat.

Malta’s economy is becoming synonymous at EU level with unprecedented sustainable growth, and no studied infrastructural investment that sustains such growth can ever be costly enough.

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