From Our Inbox: Bernard the Genial Speculator

Bernard Grech has just taken PN entrepreneurship to the next level.

And hey, this is not the good old ‘maduma’ scheme that gives us a flavour of how propaganda machines used to work back in Mussolini’s times.

This so much more savvy.

Seems that the PN party finances are in a very difficult place. Despite having had to sell a number of party clubs. And now guess what, is everyone one sitting down before we drop this scoop?

Seems they want to sell their ‘Dar Centrali’ the quarters from where all these glorious ideas are sprouting.

But wait, how can its value skyrocket?

Bernard to the rescue, he will turn Mile End surroundings into ODZ.

In his own words the first ODZ land to be colonised by the glorious party is nothing but the ‘Kwartieri tal-Lejber’.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

And oh, if you haven’t got it, re-read with your best sarcastic inner voice.

You’ll need such skills also if you intend to get close to the PN manifesto.

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