From Our Inbox: Bernard the Insensitive Opportunist

We are in utter disbelief. Bernard Grech waddling around the IVF topic with statements that are not worthy of any human being, let alone an aspiring Prime Minister.

Bernard, first of all please note that couples and individuals who cannot conceive are not inferior to anyone.

Secondly, it is beyond any form of reason that any politician in Europe would address such people to vote him so that others’ children can succeed, as the children they wished to have.

Go and hide yourself Bernard, not only this gross pompous self-centred insensitivity is not worthy of anyone’s vote, but we are increasingly finding it difficult to understand how the Nationalist Party has managed to get itself into this dire situation.

Please note that couples and individuals who cannot conceive are not inferior to anyone.

The PN is not new to being insensitive towards segments that do not necessarily fit in within its dogmas, remember its opposition to almost every civil right introduced by the PL administration? They have demonised segments that in most cases include people who may be going through vulnerable difficult periods of their lives.

But this is a new low of patronising arrogance.

The identikit of Bernard Grech the leader is increasingly taking a scary shape. Let’s recall how at the beginning of the camping Bernard threw ex PN MP Mario Galea to the dogs, with the ex-MP even making serious allegations that in doing so, the PN even abusively resorted to his mental health issues.

The PN needs to reinvent itself quickly. Malta needs a sensible opposition. Right now at the peak of an electoral campaign that they had all the time in the world to prepare for, they seem like a party on auto-destruction mode in a process that will bring down anyone who happens to be in between the crossfire.

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joseph cassar
joseph cassar
2 years ago

Why this moaning for a the pn to re invent itself ……for me this is an invitation for fascism that imbues its roots to go underground, a far more dangerous aspect for local politics