From Our Inbox: Bernard’s All You Can Eat Pub & Diner

You heard me right, today it’s Bernard’s all you can eat Pub and Diner.

The new venue in town that promises to meet everyone’s needs from the land of plenty. He has it all for everyone’s taste so there we went to have a look for ourselves.

As soon as we entered the fairly large though old looking venue, we were quite surprised as barring a few tables the place was almost empty. Striking as well was the loud noise of squabbles coming from the staff’s quarters that almost constantly overshadowed the positive themed background music.

A few moments later we were attended to and we were told that the day’s running buffet had an endless variety of half cooked items some of which really dont go well together. Out of politeness we agreed to sit down but as soon as we asked for the price list we were told that they’ll share such details only when and if they want to. And a guy from another table told us that it’s a known secret that they are still working that out.

We obviously left for another restaurant and before we knew it Bernard’s Diner’s was already calling us opportunists and ignorants.

It all fell into place when we realised that this establishment is being run by the same crowd of Blue Heroes at Dar Centrali.

A few days away from the election and they still haven’t presented a costed manifesto, they are still struggling to keep their proposals together, infighting galore, and their leader expects peoples’ trust just because he is acting out to the best of his ability a set of empty sounding buzzwords.

And mind you, he is insisting that this disjointed lot is ready to Govern.

Bernard, you are not even able to hold it together during a brief electoral campaign, let alone how you expect people to trust you to take over the running of their country as it exits the largest crisis since World War II.

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