From Our Inbox: Bernard’s obsessions, in his own words

Welcome to this brief get-to-know your aspiring Prime Minister guide.  

The last few days of campaigning have been rather telling. Aside from seeing an Opposition increasingly gripped by fatigue and fear of defeat we have learnt three important things.

1) Bernard is not obsessed with power

After portraying himself as a newfound gladiator in the arena ready to fight the ‘Labour enemy’, because in his own words his time to govern had come, he tried to explain to his cheering supporters, that his insistence in attaining power, is not coming from a thirst for power in itself, but, but what? He appeared to try to tell us that he is a Godsend for Malta. That we all need him so that we don’t share an irrelevant life.

Really Bernard? Not only are you fixated with attaining power, but such fixation is so ingrained that you are going far enough to assume that Malta has no other option but you. And it is verging on worrying arrogance so much so that you expect people to trust you by default, without even giving the full detail of what you are proposing or showing basic degrees of capability in holding a team together.

Power is a responsibility, not a status to aspire to. Power without humility and an urge to serve Malta’s expectations is very dangerous.

Power is a responsibility, not a status

to aspire to.

But Bernard is right — he is a good old gladiator, pity that Constantine has banned gladiator games well over a thousand years ago. 

2) Bernard is not obsessed with Robert Abela

Who in heaven’s sake goes around blubbering about what he’s not obsessed about? None other than Bernard Grech who is telling the world that he is not obsessed with Robert Abela, cos mind you, in his own words, Bernard is very busy. Let’s say we’ll take your word on this Bernard, however even if we had to assume you’re not obsessed with Malta’s prime minister, when speaking of Robert Abela, you have a lot to aspire to.

Look at how just after the hard-fought leadership contest he worked with the main contender, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne – and together in a united front they navigated our country through very troubled waters. And in doing so, not only did they take the best decisions from a health welfare perspective, but they also managed to safeguard the Maltese economy in a remarkable way. 

And the biggest lesson Grech has to learn from Abela is that Abela preaches unity. The need for Malta to work as one to face its common challenges. He is not being a buffoon cracking jokes about demolishing the others’ party headquarters or calling the supporters of the opposing party sick, irrelevant, charlatans and ignorant.

You get it Bernard? You can learn a lesson or two here. Deep down even your supporters are fully aware that when you sow the seed of division you’ll only be harvesting desolation. Your party deserves better, and seeing your approach we continue to be left to wonder why Adrian Delia was booted out. Maybe his style wasn’t divisive enough to the liking of the echelons of the Dar Centrali?

3) Bernard is going to hold to his seat beyond Sunday come what may

And here he is to stay. Although Bernard may think that the electorate is gullible and ignorant he definitely isn’t an ignorant himself. And we are sure that with his team of advisors he is already making calculations and scheming plans on how he is to retain the reins of the Nationalist Party. And this helps us to understand also their irresponsible campaign approach in trying to promise everything to everyone in a visionless format with the only aim to reduce the gap to try to secure their own existence.

Where does all this leave Joe the citizen?

The Maltese are very well armed, not in the gladiators’ sense but in a democratic one. With votes in hand next Saturday Malta can give a very strong message of unity and continued economic wellbeing as the country enters an era of environmental prioritisation. The time of division between the Maltese has long been over, and if the PN persists at these antics they are simply digging their own grave.

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