From Our Inbox: Bernard’s Trackless Disaster

Do any of you remember the famous donkey from Shrek being hit by pixie dust, taking flight, and shouting I can fly, I can fly, you ain’t never seen a donkey fly, before falling miserably to the ground? Or the magic school bus anyone? Whizzing through the sky to the amusement of all its passengers. Or Dumbo’s famous song when I see an elephant fly?

If not, you’d better start familiarising yourselves as it seems that the Nationalist Party’s trackless tram aka bendy bus (v2 XXL format) is going to fly! Pity their manifesto is not a cartoon script as it would have been quite a crowd puller.

And finally, as the campaign draws closer to its end other news portals have now started to seriously question this 3-billion-euro-price-tag blunder.

After a very busy week of revelations for the trackless tram, Perit Toni Bezzini scuttled it all by bulldozing over his colleague Engineer Ryan Callus. Great teamwork by the way. Just a few days ago Callus had confessed how these monstrous vehicles will not require major road widening as they will take up existing lanes wherever this was possible. Read our earlier analyses on how this would bring definitive misery to our roads. But now, Toni Bezzina has said that no current road infrastructure will be taken. No lanes, no bike space, nothing, the tram or train whatever he was calling it, will go through with some ‘aġġustament‘, whatever that means.

Is it going to fly Toni? I guess we might have some issues in making such big objects take flight right? Unless you have pixie dust up your sleeve.

This is the sad situation the PN is in, and this is how gullible and uneducated they think the Maltese electorate is. The PN thinks it can still come to the electorate as it used to do in the past with a three billion euro price tag proposal, shoddy technical detail, conflicting statements, and the dismal Arriva legacy, and expect to get away with it.

This proposal is sufficient to have the PN condemned to opposition benches until it regroups, if it is able to do so, and bring to its fore some talent that can put together a workable vision.

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