From Our Inbox: [EXCLUSIVE] Bernard Grech’s Costings are Out

Bernard Grech told a crowd of supporters that no one dictated his strategy and that it is the PN and the PN alone that decides when to publish its manifesto’s costings.


Do any of our readers imagine going to a restaurant and ordering from a menu that lacks a price list? This is what Bernard Grech wants you to do. Order the PN for the next 5 years, without knowing the price it comes at.

And as things stand, thousands have already voted. This is the kind of respect that you are to expect from a PN administration stuck from reality and in complete panic. Before even starting to govern, or even being remotely close to, they are already in full siege mentality.

Bernard, those costings are not yours, because it is the people’s money you’ll be spending. And seeing that you can’t even keep together the bendy buses’ return proposal, how on earth do you think people are going to trust you?

And for all intents and purposes, even if you had to publish your costings so late in the day, it won’t make any difference at this point.

Your manifesto has long been out… the window we mean.

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2 years ago

But wait – the money that Konrad spent … wasn’t that public money they were spending? Why was no action taken?