From Our Inbox | Greening: between buzzwords & concrete proposals

Bernard Grech’s Nationalist Party has so far failed to convince us on its environmental credentials. Its proposals lack detail and even if one had to give the PN the benefit of the doubt, it would also fail the test for the simple reason that the mastermind behind Bernard Grech is none other than Gerorge Pullicino’s old chief of staff.

Ironic right? That the one who legislated the largest ever ODZ take-up, is now proposing to return back 50,000 square meters of such land per year.

We can’t comment much more than that on the PN’s environmental vision as no details have been shared and would be simply engaging in pure speculation.

So let’s look on the other hand at the Labour Party’s environmental ambition also in relation to ODZ land.

Firstly, the PL under Robert Abela’s leadership is coming to the electorate with a positive track record, with two major inaugurations in the last 6 months delivering around 150,000 square meters of unobstructed green natural space. And these sites were not selected arbitrarily or as low-lying fruits. The works involved extremely complex and difficult rehabilitation from previous landfill environments to natural havens.

Secondly, looking at the PL’s manifesto one can appreciate the green ambition and the detail associated with the environmental proposals. The sites are identified, most of which backed with detailed studies that have already been undertaken, and some are introducing novel ideas that will make a concrete difference in quality of life especially for the younger generation.

One that stands out is the proposal for the educational environmental park at Marsaskala replacing the areas that were previously taken up by another waste plant, that of Sant Antnin, and giving back thousands of square meters of greenery to the public whilst also including a multistory car park for visitors and Marsaskala residents.

On voting day stir away from buzzwords, don’t gamble with your children’s future.

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