From Our Inbox: Honour to Mario Galea

What a decent man Mario Galea is.

It is now evident how this now former member of parliament was robbed of his opportunity to do good and raise awareness about the issue closest to his heart. Malta and Gozo are still shocked at how he was dumped by his own party and even bullied due to his mental health issues.

But thankfully Mario Galea is strong and learnt the hard way that giving up is not an option.

And we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we had to say that his speech at the Labour Party event is one of the best things that happened so far in this campaign.

He didn’t use this opportunity to address the pain he must be going through for being thrown out of the party he worked so much for, but he focused on helping others, raising awareness and showing everyone that mental health issues are just like any other physical ailment that we need to learn coping with.

Let’s be grateful for gentlemen like Mario Galea and make sure that they remain having a platform to raise awareness about this crucial topic and fight the stigma related to mental health.

As for the PN, out of respect for Mario Galea’s gesture, we won’t comment in this article, but I am sure everyone can make his own conclusions.

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Dr. Mark Said
Dr. Mark Said
2 years ago

Mario Galea should be seriously considered for a Republic Day Merit or Honour. He has been through a lot…….and unjustly. If only there were more like him militating within the PN we could somehow hope for a constructive opposition.

Dolores Galea
Dolores Galea
2 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Mark Said

Totally agree