From Our Inbox: Intensely ill-prepared along with Bernard the Goal Scorer

At the end of week two, the PN has lost a handful of candidates, expressed gross insensitivity to various vulnerable segments, is at a loss with its own proposals, and guess what? They don’t even prepare their candidates ahead of important TV debates.

Why bother, right? At least Bernard Grech can shoot penalties. Enjoy it Bernard cos it doesn’t seem you’ll be scoring too many goals in the days to come.

When introduced by the presenter at the start of an electoral campaign debate as a political newbie, Engineer Rebekah Cilia wasn’t too impressed and explained how she already has a year and half of relentless intense work with the great Nationalist Party under her belt.

From then on it went horribly wrong.

She couldn’t even answer the most basic of questions such as whether the PN ‘we will give you a nanny proposal’ is free of charge, and if yes, from where would such money come from. When pressed she said that it is a scheme that works in that way.

Which way please? Oh that one, the PN’s way.

N.B. at this point our readers should be feeling lost.

And to make up for this and a few other blunders, not even sounding remotely enthusiastic probably fully aware that she was in the middle of a politically suicidal performance, she went on to explain that the Nationalist Party ‘ser jiftaħ moħħ iż-żgħażagħ’ by giving them vouchers to go on trips abroad.

Really, if it was that easy to get illuminated we could send the PN team on a world tour, because it seems they need it.

And if for a second you are thinking that such a dismal performance was due to her inexperience or because she was being confronted by the highflying Environment Minister, you are wrong. It seems the problem is chronic.

Just look at another debate this time with none other than ex-singer, veteran MP, and deputy speaker Ms. Claudette Buttigieg. There she was trying to read her way through the PN Manifesto wobbling around another disastrous show.

Claudette, a debate is not an open book test, people expect politicians to know what they are proposing and not to look it up on live TV.

Quite literally the PN is leaving much to be Desire(d).

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