From Our Inbox: of course it’s not a bendy bus, it’s much bigger

Although we try to keep this section as humorous as possible since it is rather dull to deal with the PN’s manifesto and electoral campaign, we do stand by the facts we cover.

Unlike the PN’s manifesto our Articles are brief and well researched.

The PN seems upset that their trackless tram, as we did on 25 February, is being compared to the much dreaded bendy busses. So let’s go for a quick fact checker.

Google to the rescue. ‘At up to three carriages long, trackless trams look a lot like a really long bendy bus. Unlike a tram these are fitted with tyres and can run on existing roads.’

What does this mean? A trackless tram is an awfully long bendy bus that will clog Malta’s road network for good. You get it Bernard? Don’t make this the Island of Dumb and Dumber, remember the good old days when even Boris Johnson used to make fun of our bendy buses.

Please explain to us how Manuel Delia’s two carriage bendy buses brought such havoc on our roads that had the buses scrapped for good, and how on earth now you come to us with a similar vehicle, bearing a different name, but that is even a carriage bigger. And can you give us an idea of how many square meters of virgin land will need to be taken to accommodate these mega buses? And whilst you’re at it, can you exclude that no trees will need to be sacrificed?

You know what’s already trackless in Malta? We can think of a party…

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