From Our Inbox: Salvu Mallia, it takes one to know one

The writing of this letter took much longer than expected as I got lost trying to understand what Salvu Mallia’s latest look reminded us of. And after going through numerous characters on the Dreamworks website we zoned in on none other than Guy Diamond. Dreamworks themselves describe him as their resident ‘naked glitter Troll’ with heaps of body confidence and a unique idea of personal space – a party on two feet.

Not too bad ey Salv? Not bad at all I would say.

But yes, Salvu Mallia has once again decided to grace us with his crude opinions that unfortunately seem to reflect the general sentiment within the Nationalist Party and its current leadership.

So if in 2017 you supported a Labour Government, Mallia compared you or the Government you supported to cancer. And now, a good five years later, you’ve been told that you are ignorant. Do we all get it?

And Salvu Mallia is no ordinary man, in this sense, this is not just vox-pop material, apart from being a failed star Simon Busuttil election candidate, he is now even referred to for his opinions by Times of Malta leading journalist Mark Lawrence Zammit. And yet again, Mallia was asked for his views on the Malta Chamber Leaders’ debate, the most technical held so far. And without resorting to any half terms he opined that the debate was won by ‘gentleman’ Bernard Grech against ‘charlatan’ Robert Abela.

This is the division the PN wants to bring back to our country.

Salvu Mallia, make no mistake, the Maltese are much wiser than you think. And with regard to your language of hatred, maybe if you were a fictitious cartoon character like Guy Diamond you may have gotten away with a simple age rating warning, but since you seem to be even considered as an opinionist of repute, you could spare us your intense dislike towards a very large segment of the Maltese population.

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Gorga Sciberras
Gorga Sciberras
2 years ago

Hehehe, perfect description to the like of Guy Diamond.