From Our Inbox: The Great Return of the Bendy Bus

They really can’t learn from their mistakes, can they?

Who would have ever imagined it, they want to clog our road network once again with bendy buses .

This time it’s not Arriva’s unwanted double carriage buses, but even bigger ones coming from China. Yes, they carry a lot of passengers, they operate on clean electric energy, but hey, where are they passing from?

Unless they fly, or unless the PN is planning the largest ever taxation package to deter private car usage, to make space for these gigantic bendy buses it is going to be the largest ever ODZ land grab .

We can really imagine how they came with this one up. All to Google at Dar Centrali, type CHEAP ALTERNATIVE TO METRO and there it pops trackless tram – also known as tram shaped bendy buses.

Pity there’s not so much time left for carnival, as this would have made the perfect float ferrying the Back to the Future Trio, with Bernard Grech, the illustrious Manuel Delia, and who knows, maybe another great return; Agostino Pio anyone?

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