From Our Inbox: the Young, the Bad and the Ugly

How sad it is to see the enthusiasm of Malta’s youngest electoral candidate being channeled in all the wrong places. Teenage politicians should offer hope, a new way, a vision that goes beyond what is significantly scaring away most youngsters from any meaningful interest in politics.  

First of all, from what we’ve seen so far, Ms. Eve Borg Bonello deserves better than being used in cheap media stunts, the latest of which involved having the youngster pose to a lifesize Nationalist Party mosaic-like emblem backdrop with the Government tax rebate cheque in her hands.

Secondly, it is very bad to see how the Nationalist Party instead of allowing its future generations to regenerate it, is degrading its youngest exponents to ‘jobs’ its old guard would stay away from.

Seriously, is that what the electorate is expecting teenage politicians to come up with? Encouraging citizens to donate their tax rebates to a presumably morally and financially bankrupt Nationalist Party?

The PN would be much better off should it have given more freedom to its youngest component the last couple of years. But instead they indoctrinated their youngest with negativity and in doing so they scared scores of young activists from their ranks who could not anymore consider the PN as their ideological home.

And this is one of the main reasons why the PN fails to appeal to such a large extent to the younger generation. Because the young vote wants its dreams fulfilled, not free condoms, travel vouchers, or being encouraged to donate tax rebates to pay the debts of an ill-managed party.

The PN is facing a very ugly predicament because when the next generation is missing we could say that the writing is on the wall. You see Bernard, we’ve managed another expression. Cool ey?

And for those morons who are in any way personally attacking this young aspiring politician; you’re not only missing your point, but you should be ashamed of yourselves. Until justice takes its course, we hope that you self-isolate for everyone’s good.

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