From Our Inbox: To La La Land and Beyond

Buckle up because Bernard is taking us all to the Metaverse.

Disclaimer: This article in no way detracts from the economic validity and the potential of the metaverse sector viavis the Maltese economy, but goodness me, who on earth would take a trip to outer space on a cheap Halloween costume broom?

Bernard, the youth vote is smarter than that.

Are you thinking you are going to buy support by offering lame freebies and trying to sell empty promises on sectors you don’t even seem to fully understand?

The new generation is an assertive one with a clear ambition. It wants a solid vision based on facts that can be independently verified and on a very crucial element: trust.

Does anyone think the PN is instilling any form of trust? They don’t even seem to be able to guarantee that they will be able to retain their current list of electoral candidates let alone on how they expect to be seen delivering any of their porsmies.

How was it again, 1 billion, 10 sectors, 100m each, Ground control to Major Tom, Commencing countdown engines on…

Nice try, but no thank you. Malta’s generation in waiting deserves much better.


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