From Our Inbox: what you see is what you get

Right Bernard. Prosit, you got your expressions right this time. But let’s hold you to it for a while please.

Opps! Oops! Bernard went as he committed yet another blunder. This time during Jon Mallia’s rather friendly podcast. And as if having a politician resorting to that word on a serious matter wasn’t already enough he did worse than that: at a point Bernard was trying to bend basic accountability principles firstly by arguing that Kristy Debono’s absenteeism did not occur under his watch, secondly he argued that everyone deserves a second chance, and when this lame argumentation was refuted by the host’s sighs of frustration, Bernard moved quickly to question the credibility of who had put forward the accusations in the first place. And guess who that was? His own chief strategist Peregin.

This time he got away with it with an ‘oops’, but should, god forbid, this man be our Prime Minister, a few oopses could turn out to be very costly for all of us.

This time he got away with it with

an ‘oops’.

To prepare for voting day it is advisable to ponder about what Bernard Grech the Prime Minister would be like.

In his own words what you see is what you get. A condescending attitude towards labourites verging on hatred, extremely insensitive and patronising towards people who may be experiencing a rough patch in their lives; not able to hold expected concentration levels to an extent that he couldn’t compute simple math problems or at times remember where he was holding his own political event, ill-informed on electoral proposals’ detail, fixated with the past, a miser to the extent that he called most of Labour’s COVID economic stimulus a waste of money, and so on.

And if this wasn’t enough, just as he’s running into the last two weeks of campaigning he warned everyone that there is no way on earth that the PN will share all the detail of what it intends to do should it attain power!

Let’s leave gambling to casinos Bernard, and by what we’ve seen, we prefer to pass on getting you.

Grazzi xorta.

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