From Our Inbox: Of Riding and Hiding

So ill-prepared. What on earth has he been doing for the past two years? And more puzzling than this, why did the PN establishment rock the party to its death bed to strip Adrian Delia of his leadership and replace him with Bernard Grech in the hope of winning the election?

He couldn’t even keep it together for the first two weeks of campaigning. And the signs are worrying. Blunder after blunder that expose the fibra of a man who seems to have had it easy enough so far, that at the first signs of work pressure he appears to be giving way.

Oh my dear Bernard, weren’t you more at ease within the corridors of the Law Courts working as a family lawyer?

Weren’t you more at ease within the corridors of the Law Courts working as a family lawyer?

Can you imagine having someone who can’t even get his expressions right, or worse, not even being able to recall the difference between Sliema and San Gwann?

All this fatigue and confusion from the easy seat of the opposition benches, go figure how he’ll cope should they be faced to stir Malta through the current international climate.

Oh wait, not so long ago they stirred the country through an international recession, remember Lawrence Gonzi voting wholeheartedly to burden the population with higher tariffs amongst a barrage of austerity measures?

They would even do worse this time because the Nationalist Party has been eroded from within. And the disastrous campaign we are seeing is testament of this.

Stir clear our friends and by the way, those that ride, don’t need to hide.

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Gorga Sciberras
Gorga Sciberras
2 years ago

Agree, Dr.Grech should have continued to earn a living within the law courts, however €6,000 is miserly, right? BTW loved the tiny article with a pinch of humour.