FT confirms Malta leading the global pack in vaccine roll-out

Malta keeps leading the pack in the global race to vaccinate its citizens, new data analysed by The Financial Times revealed yesterday.

Malta has in fact trumped advanced economies and is way ahead of emerging and developing countries.

The FT statistics show that only the UAE has vaccinated more people per capita globally. However, it does not provide a full picture of how much has the UAE vaccinated with the first dose and second dose.

Malta has in fact fully vaccinated 64% of its population, while 71.3% have been vaccinated with at least one dose. The closest country to vaccinate more than Malta is Bahrain with just under 60% of its population fully vaccinated. Israel and Chile follow.

The UK, widely lauded for its swift vaccination programme is in 5th place with less than 50% of its population fully vaccinated.

The slow pace of vaccinations is a cause for concern, particularly among emerging and developing countries. The FT, said that three-quarters of the world’s 7.8bn people are aged 15 and above, which means that a global total of 5bn doses should be administered as a benchmark to reach a global tipping point in protection against the virus. The FT is forecasting October 2021 as a date when 5bn doses would be reached globally, sourcing data by superforecasters at Good Judgment.

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