Fun for all ages

Abandoned plot in Vittoriosa transformed into vibrant recreational garden.

Many families and youths attended activities organised last Saturday in Vittoriosa, at the new Glażiż Garden. With numerous attendees, the open day was organised by WasteServ and Project Green, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour and the Vittoriosa Local Council. This new garden was inaugurated last Wednesday and offers modern facilities for recreational moments for different ages.

Those present for Saturday’s activities enjoyed traditional Maltese games and potting sessions in a fun environment. The 1st Cospicua Scout Group organised various games and competitions for their members by making use of the gaming equipment in the same garden.

This 9,000 square metre area in Vittoriosa, long abandoned, has been regenerated into a recreational space for families. This is another project among many that the government is implementing to fulfil the electoral promise of providing residents with open spaces in the heart of their communities, close to where they live.

This garden will offer a place for families to spend quality time together. Following other significant projects in Cottonera, such as the regeneration of Kalkara’s square and waterfront, Vittoriosa is also benefiting from high-quality investment focused on community well-being.

The project works respected the existing environment. The garden now includes various recreational zones such as picnic areas, children’s play areas, and even a dog park. The new equipment in the garden is made from natural and recycled materials. There is also a new lighting system using solar energy and security cameras have been installed around the garden.

The project was carried out by GreenServ, a branch within WasteServ that implements green projects in urban areas.

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