Għeriexem: More Than Just a Road

Rabat residents have more than once expressed their feeling of neglect with regards to Għeriexem road; a very significant and synonymous road with the Rabat community.

Residents of the area have been calling on the authorities for decades, to stop the gradual sinking of Gheriexem Road, which was causing extensive damages to their residences. The road was in a state of collapse. Previous administrations turned a blind eye.

Fast forward to the present and if you are a “Rabti”, then the 19th of November should be a day to remember as one of the toughest challenges in Maltese road infrastructure has been taken up and has delivered the goods.

Għeriexem Road has been rebuilt and its new promenade overlooking Gheriexem Valley has been constructed. A safer pedestrian route between Mdina, Rabat and Mtarfa has been created.

There’s more to the road than meets the eye

TheJournal.mt delved deeper into the foundation of this project, pardon the pun, and highlighted some points that prove that Għeriexem Road is not only a prime example and a blueprint of how road infrastructure should be done, but a focal point and a mirror of the government’s vision for a sustainable future.

New Solar Footpaths: Towards more sustainable development

A new concept for Malta, it was unquestionably fitting to incorporate this novelty as part of the project. The new solar footpaths’ photovoltaic panels adopt an innovative solar pavements technology that will generate over 4,600 kWh of electricity every year, saving 21 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and providing enough renewable energy to power 40% of Gheriexem Road’s lighting.

New Car Parking Spaces

The number of new car parking spaces not only cater for residents, but since the road overlooks one of the most scenic areas in Malta, people will now have the luxury of parking their cars here and enjoy a peaceful walk in one of Malta’s most beautiful areas.

Greener Infrastructure

Complementing the government’s vision of greener infrastructure, the project now offers a total of 40 new trees and a number of plants to exemplify this road’s aesthetic.

An electric car charging station

The future is electrification and this project will also offer the service of electric car charging.

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Gejtan farrugia
Gejtan farrugia
2 years ago

Thats labour goverment 4 you