Global Review – 1st August

UN force admits deadly shooting at DR Congo border post

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was “outraged” after two people were killed and several others injured when UN peacekeepers opened fire during an incident in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on the Uganda border. The UN force MONUSCO, admitted that some of its peacekeepers had opened fire “for unexplained reasons”, adding that arrests had already been made.

‘West eases Russia oil curbs’ – FT

The Financial Times reports that European governments have eased efforts to reduce trade in Russian oil. Two months ago the European Union announced a worldwide ban on the provision of maritime insurance to vessels carrying Russia oil. However, the UK is yet to introduce similar restrictions, which is pivotal because London is at the centre of the marine insurance industry, according to the paper. Some international shipments are being allowed amid fears of rising crude prices and tighter energy supplies, it adds.

Ukraine: new bombings on Mykolaiv

The Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv, where Ukrainian tycoon Oleksiy Vadaturskyi and his wife Raisa Vadaturska were killed in a bombing on Sunday, was again targeted during the night by Russian bombings. City Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych reported that explosions were heard in various parts of the city. Oleksiy Vadatursky, 74, was one of Ukraine’s richest businessmen. He and his wife died when a missile hit their home.

Israeli PM urges UN to dismantle rights panel

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Sunday upped pressure on the United Nations to disband a commission investigating Israel, appealing to the secretary-general over “anti-Semitic” remarks from a member of the body. The Commission of Inquiry investigating abuses in Israel and the Palestinian territories was created by the UN Human Rights Council last year after an 11-day war between Israel and armed militants in Gaza. Israel has flatly refused to cooperate with the commission, which has so far largely blamed Israel as it probes “all underlying root causes” in the decades-long conflict. On July 25, commissioner Miloon Kothari was quoted alluding to a “Jewish lobby” and questioning whether Israel deserved its UN membership, reigniting long-time allegations that the council is biased against the Jewish state.

Italy shocked as Afro migrant is beaten to death

Police in Italy have arrested an Italian man in connection with the slaying of a Nigerian vendor whose brutal beating to death on a busy beach town street was filmed by onlookers without any apparent attempt to intervene physically. Video footage of the attack has circulated widely on Italian news websites and social media, eliciting outrage as Italy enters a parliamentary election campaign in which the right-wing coalition has already made immigration an issue. “The murder of Alika Ogorchukwu is dismaying,’’ Enrico Letta, the head of the left-wing Democratic Party, wrote on Twitter. “Unheard of ferocity. Widespread indifference. There can be no justification.” Right-wing leader Matteo Salvini, who is making security a plank of his campaign, also expressed outrage over the death, saying “security has no colour and … needs to return to being a right.”

Part of Beirut’s blast-damaged port silos collapses

A section of Beirut’s massive port grain silos, shredded in the 2020 explosion, collapsed in a huge cloud of dust on Sunday after a weekslong fire, triggered by grains that had fermented and ignited in the summer heat. The northern block of the silos collapsed after what sounded like an explosion, kicking up thick gray dust that enveloped the iconic structure and the port next to a residential area. It was not immediately clear if anyone was injured. The 50 year-old, 48-metre-tall giant silos withstood the force of the explosion two years ago, effectively shielding the western part of Beirut from the blast that killed over 200 people, wounded more than 6,000 and badly damaged entire neighborhoods.

Portugal, France battle big forest fires

Portugal and France are battling major forest fires as temperatures rose sharply this weekend. In Portugal, a blaze broke out in the Mafra area, north of Lisbon, while in France at least four firefighters were seriously injured and motorways were closed. Around 400 firefighters were drafted in to fight the blaze around 40 kms north of Lisbon. Residents tried to slow the advance of the flames by hosing their gardens, as the flames also swept through neighbouring forests. A retirement home housing 30 people was evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Mega fire in California puts 8,000 people at risk

Alert in Northern California for 8,000 people threatened by a vast fire that broke out on Friday on the border with Oregon, in the area of ​​the national forest. The flames have already burned thousands of acres of land and for firefighters this is the largest fire in the state since the beginning of the year. Over 100 structures have already been destroyed including the homes of some local officials who are continuing to work despite the evacuation order.

Trump on Biden: He does not have Covid but senile dementia’

While US President Joe Biden “continues to feel good” despite his Covid, former prsesident Donald Trump  took advantage of Biden’s relapse to attack him on his general physical condition. “The doctors got the diganosis wrong. Biden doesn’t have Covid again, otherwise known as the virus of China, but senile dementia”, he wrote on his social media. “Joe is considering moving part time to one of those beautiful retirement homes in Wisconsin where nearly 100% of the residents, miraculously and for the first time in history, have had the strength and energy to vote, even if those votes have been illegally expressed. Get well soon Joe!”, attacked Trump, reiterating for the umpteenth time the allegations of fraud in the 2019 elections won by Biden.

French nudist shoots a man on the beach

A 79-year-old Lyons nudist shot dead a 46-year-old man, allegedly for having bothered those present with explicit sexual harassment. Reports say first the man addressed obscene insults towards nudists, specifically women. Then, according to witnesses, the 46-year-old would have started to show explicit attitudes up to masturbating while staring at one of the ladies present. The fight escalated until the 79-year-old took the rifle he had with him on the beach and fired at least three blasts at the man. One of these hit him in the chest, killing him instantly. The shootet was arrested and would becharged with murder.

First Euro title for England after beating Germany 2-1

England historic win against Germany in the the Euro 2022 final dominates Monday’s London papers, with jubilant pictures of the victorious team leading the coverage. The Daily Mirror opts for the headline: “History makers”, accompanied by a full-page image of the elated England squad. The Lionesses won 2-1 in a dramatic final which went to extra time. “No more years of hurt” is the headline emblazoned on the front of Metro as the paper notes that the Lionesses’ victory ends England’s 56-year wait for a trophy. The Sun is marking the momentous win with a double-page spread of the victorious football team, accompanied by the headline: “Move over fellas… it’s home…They showed male stars how it’s done,” the paper comments. The Daily Mail says that “where the Lions had so often fought and failed, the Lionesses came and conquered”. Its headline is: “It wasn’t a dream… we did beat Germany in a final.” “It’s home” says the Daily Express with a full-page photo of the England team celebrating. The paper notes that the champions were cheered on by 87,192 fans at Wembley and millions at home. It’s the biggest crowd in the history of a men’s or women’s Euros. The Guardian calls the team: “Game changers”. The Times strikes a similar tone, noting that the manner in which the victory came “put the final touches to an incredible three and a half weeks not just for women’s football but the women’s sport movement in England”. “Roarsome” is the Daily Star’s headline. The Daily Telegraph also marks the huge sporting win, with a photo of the champions. The Financial Times described the Lionesses’ Euro victory as “Stuff of dreams”.

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