Global Review – 23rd August

US civilian aircraft to join evacuation from Kabul

The Pentagon has said 18 commercial aircrafts will be used to help with the evacuation of people to third countries from safe sites outside Afghanistan. Thousands of Afghans are crowded outside Kabul airport, and at least 20 people have died, some being crushed to death and others hit by stray bullets fired by the Taliban.

Biden speaks of an “incredible operation”

President Joe Biden said on Sunday that the US had evacuated nearly 28,000 people in the past week. Speaking of an “incredible operation”, Biden told reporters at the White House, that terrorists could take advantage of the situation, confirming the threat from ISIS. Asked if he trusted the Taliban, Biden said: “I don’t trust anyone.” Leaders of the G7 will meet Tuesday to review the crisis.

Taliban fighters try to quell resistance

Hundreds of Taliban fighters are reported to be heading for the Panjshir Valley, where the resistance led by Ahmed Masood is concentrated. On its Twitter account, the Taliban said, “Hundreds of mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate are heading to the Panjshir region to take control, after local officials refused to hand it over peacefully.”

Germany: CDU-CSU and SPD tied with 22%

According to a Bild am Sonntag poll, German conservatives and social democrats have both 22% of the vote. For the SPD of vice-chancellor Olaf Scholz it is the highest score since December 2017; for the CDU and CSU, which have lost three points compared to last week, this is the lowest ever recorded by such surveys. The Greens are at 17%, the Liberals win a point and pass to 13%, the ultra-right of Afd is at 12 (+1) and the left of Linke at 7%.

Libya: 88% of migrants have economic motivations

According to the latest “Displacement Traching Matrix” report, 88% of migrants stuck in Libya indicated economic reasons as the main reason behind their migration. The Libyan branch of the International Organization for Migration said a total of 597,611 migrants from over 40 nationalities are in Libya – all ready to make their way to Europe.

Don Everly dies aged 84

American rock and country pioneer Don Everly, of the Everly Brothers, has died. He was 84. He and his brother Phil, who died in 2014, recorded their first album in 1957. Their music influenced an entire generation of bands in the 1960s, starting with John Lennon and Paul McCartney of the Beatles. They broke through at the age of 18 with ‘Bye Bye Love’. The supremacy of the Beatles, however, over time had the better of the success of the Everly Brothers, who fell into drugs and alcohol and clashed more and more often off the stage. In 1973, the duo disbanded in the middle of a concert in Southern California, only to reform in 1983 during a concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Josephine Baker to enter the Pantheon

Josephine Baker is to become the first Black woman to enter France’s Panthéon. President Emmanuel Macron of France has said the performer, who became part of the French resistance, will be moved to the mausoleum in November. Of the 80 figures in the Panthéon, only five are women, including the last inductee in 2018, Simone Veil, former French minister who survived the Holocaust.

French football match abandoned after fans storm pitch

Marseille’s player Dimitri Payet was hit by a bottle and threw it back into the crowd before fans stormed the pitch causing Nice v. Marseille to be abandoned. He was struck in the back by a bottle thrown from the home supporters as he went to take a corner. He launched it back, leading to fans pouring on to the pitch as stewards and players struggled to restrain them. After a long delay, Nice’s players came out to finish the game – but Marseille’s players refused to. The game was abandoned as a result and Nice, who were leading 1-0, were awarded a 3-0 victory. Some of the Marseille players were reportedly injured.


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