Global Review – 29th September

Biden ignored request to keep troops in Afghanistan

Two top US military commanders, and the nation’s top Pentagon official, affirmed on Capitol Hill Tuesday that President Biden was advised to leave at least 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from overrunning the Afghan army – directly contradicting what Biden told ABC News in an interview after the pullout. During their testimony, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Frank McKenzie were pressed on Biden’s decision to fully withdraw, and specifically asked if they recommended the president leave any troops in Afghanistan following August 31. Milley and McKenzie told the Senate, “Al Qaeda is still in Afghanistan”, refuting Biden’s claims that the terrorist group had been defeated.

Taliban threaten female judges

The BBC repports over 220 female judges in Afghanistan, who in recent years have condemned hundreds of men for rape, violence and murder, live in hiding for fear of retaliation by the Taliban. After the Taliban regained power, many of the convicts were released and the judges began to receive death threats.

Ebola health workers sexually abused women and girls

Aid workers fighting Congo’s Ebola outbreak were accused of raping women as young as 13, forcing abortions and demanding sex in exchange for favors, a damning World Health Organization report said. The report, released Tuesday, identified 83 people accused of sexual abuse during the WHO’s 2018-20 mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo – including 21 workers confirmed to be on WHO’s payroll at the time. The accused include Congolese and foreign workers, many of whom were temporary employees.

North Korea successfully tests supersonic rocket

North Korea announced that it has successfully tested a planing supersonic rocket. According to the Korean Central News Agency today’s launch “demonstrated that all technical specifications met the design requirements”,  adding that it was of “great strategic significance” as North Korea seeks to increase its defense capabilities to “one thousand times”.

Lagarde and Powell defuse the inflation alarm

From the two largest central banks in the world come ‘dove’ tones on the inflationary blaze underway. The Euro Area economy “has moved away from the abyss, but it is not yet out of danger,” said ECB President Christine Lagarde, explaining that “once the pandemic-induced effects have passed, we expect inflation to come down”. Fed chairman Jay Powell also said he was “confident” that inflation will decline over time. Meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has raised the alarm: “Not raising the debt ceiling would be catastrophic”. The Biden Administration exponent warned Congress that unless the federal budget impasse is unblocked, unemployment will rise and financial markets will suffer. US debt will touch the limit currently set on 18 October.

La Palma volcano: Toxic gas fears as lava reaches ocean

Lava from an erupting volcano on Spain’s La Palma island has reached the Atlantic Ocean, raising fears of toxic gases being released, and explosions. Clouds of white steam were seen rising as a red-hot current made contact with the water in the Playa Nueva area. This could trigger a chemical reaction, involving chlorine, which can irritate the skin and eyes and affect breathing. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed since the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands erupted on 19 September. About 6,000 people have been evacuated, as the lava was engulfing houses, schools and some banana plantations.

CSU: ‘Respect the vote, Scholz try to form the government’

“It’s up to the SPD to try the first explorations with the Greens and liberals,” the head of the Bavarian CSU Markus Soeder said at a press conference in Berlin, returning to the results of the elections on Sunday. “It is an exciting time for Germany, and a difficult time for the Union,” he said. “We suffered a heavy defeat, and this not only because of the difference from the SPD. Now it is important that the result is respected,” he explained.

Clashes in Ecuador prison leave 24 inmates dead

Twenty-four inmates died and another 42 were injured in violent gun battles in a prison in southwestern Ecuador. This was announced on Twitter by the governor of the coastal province of Guayas citing a local police officer, Commander Fausto Buenano.

Kate Middleton goes glam in gold at ‘No Time to Die’ premiere

Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film has finally had its world premiere in London, 18 months later than planned due to the pandemic. No Time To Die is the British actor’s fifth outing as 007. The film hits UK cinemas on Thursday. Kate Middleton pulled out all the sartorial stops for the world premiere on Tuesday evening: she hit the red carpet at London’s Royal Albert Hall in a glittering gold cape gown by Jenny Packham adorned with all-over sequins and beadwork. Matching metallic pumps, gold circular statement earrings and an elegant updo completed Middleton’s look for the big night.

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