Global Review – 3rd July

European far right parties accuse the EU

Sixteen European parties of the political right have accused the EU of “increasingly becoming an instrument of radical forces that would like to carry out a cultural and religious transformation to achieve the construction of a Europe without nations”. Ansa says the accusations against the EU were made in the ‘Charter of European Values’ signed in Brussels by the parties, including the Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, the French Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen, the Austrian FPOE and Viktor Orban’sFidesz. They underlined that the cooperation of European nations “should be based on traditions, respect for the culture and history of European states, respect for the Judeo-Christian heritage of Europe and on the common values ​​that unite our nations, and not aiming for their destruction” adding that they reaffirm their conviction that the family is the fundamental unit of our nations. “The policy in favour of the family should be the answer to mass immigration”, they ended.

Orban says terrorist cells discovered in Belarus

Dormant terrorist cells from Germany, Ukraine, the United States, Poland and Lithuania have been discovered in Belarus. BelTA news agency reports President Alexander Lukashenko telling an independence day reception that “the so-called self-defence units” have been exposed, adding that these cells were to organise a violent coup “on day X”. He called for his people to be  prepared for it. Tass reports these units tried to blow up the Russian Navy’s communications centre in Vileika.

US, NATO troops leave Afghanistan base

All US and NATO troops have left the Afghanistan Bagram air base, 50km north of Kabul. This was reported to AFP by an anonymous American source in the US Department of Defence. A complete withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan was imminent after 20 years of military involvement. 

COVID deaths in India pass 400,000 mark

All India Radio reports the deaths of COVID-19 in India have passed the 400,000 mark. It is the third country in the world to exceed this figure, after the United States, which currently has 605,010 deaths, and Brazil (520,095). According to the latest official data released by the Indian Ministry of Health, the deaths since the beginning of the pandemic are 400,312. However, according to Indian and international health sources, the real toll would exceed one million deaths, also due to the highly contagious Delta variant.

Australia restricts tourist intake

The Age says Australia has reduced by 50% the number of people arriving from abroad who are allowed to enter the country, in a tightening of measures to counter the spread of COVID-19. In recent days, authorities have also extended the lockdown and the confinement now affects half of the population. As of July 14, therefore, Australia will only allow 3,000 people per week to enter the country, a rule that could remain in force until next year. The announcement caused consternation among Australians living overseas and separated from their families.

Check-points in Rome for EURO2020

La Gazzetta dello Sport confirms that check-points will be set up at Rome’s Olimpico Stadium for tonight’s England-Ukraine Euro 2020 quarterfinal in order to make sure England fans have complied with COVID rules. Fans of England and Ukraine will have to present the certificate and documentation certifying the end of the quarantine provided for by the national legislation in force. In the other match, the Czech Republic face Denmark in Baku at 6 pm.  Meanwhile, yesterday, Italy beat Belgium 2-1 in Munich and qualified for the semi-finals. They will face Spain, which beat Switzerland 4-2 on penalties in St Petersburg, next Tuesday in London.

Copa America: Brazil beat Chile 1-0 to pass to the semi-finals and will meet Peru, which beat Uruguay 3-3 on penalties