Global Review – 4th July

3 dead, many injured in Copenhagen mall shooting

A gunman opened fire in a Copenhagen shopping mall, one of the largest of its kind in Scandinavia, killing three people and wounding several others, three of them critically, police have said. The suspected gunman, who is in custody, is a 22-year-old Danish man who was detained near the shopping mall on the southern outskirts of the capital, said police inspector Soren Thomassen, head of the Copenhagen police operations unit, on Sunday. Thomassen said the three victims were a man in his 40s and “two young people”. The suspect was known to the police “but only peripherally”,Copenhagen police chief said. Thomassen said that terror can’t be ruled out, adding, the suspect was arrested and has been charged for manslaughter.

US protests after video shows police killing Afro-American

Several hundred protesters marched Sunday in Akron, Ohio after the release of body camera footage that showed police fatally shooting an Afro-American with several dozen rounds of bullets. As anger rose over the latest police killing of a coloured man in the United States, and authorities appealed for calm, a crowd marched to City Hall carrying banners with slogans such as “Justice for Jayland”. The slogan refers to Jayland Walker, 25, who was killed after officers tried to stop his car over a traffic violation, police said. After the first rally, a crowd of people remained in the street protesting.

North Texas shooter kills 2, wounds 3 cops, takes own life

A gunman killed two people and wounded four others, including three police officers, before taking his own life in a home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, police said Sunday. Haltom City Police Det. Matt Spillane said none of those wounded in the shooting in a residential neighbourhood have life-threatening injuries. Spillane said the officers returned fire after being shot at while responding to a report of gunshots at the home. One officer was hit in both legs, and the other two were shot in the arm. The suspect died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. A motive for the shooting was not immediately clear.

6 hikers killed, 9 injured, 16 missing as alpine glacier detaches in Italy

A large chunk of an Alpine glacier broke loose Sunday and roared down a mountain in Italy, sending ice, snow and rock slamming into hikers on a popular trail on the peak and killing at least six and injuring nine, authorities said, warning that the toll might climb. A local Civil Protection official, Gianpaolo Bottacin, was quoted by the Italian news agency ANSA as providing the toll, but stressing that the situation was “evolving” and that there could be perhaps 16 people missing. In late evening, the National Alpine and Cave Rescue Corps tweeted a phone number to call for family or friends in case of “failure to return from possible excursions” to the glacier. Rescuers were checking license plates in the parking lot as part of checks to determine how many people might be unaccounted for, a process that could take hours. The glacier, in the Marmolada range, is the largest in the Dolomite mountains and has been rapidly melting away in recent years.

Russia fully controls Luhansk region in Ukraine

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has acknowledged Kyiv’s forces had withdrawn from Lysychansk in the eastern Donbas region after a grinding Russian assault but vowed to regain control over the area with the help of long-range Western weapons. Russia said its capture of the city of Lysychansk less than a week after taking neighbouring Sievierdonetsk gave it full control of the eastern Luhansk region – a political win that meets a key Kremlin war goal. The battlefield focus now shifts to the neighbouring Donetsk region, where Kyiv still controls swathes of territory. Zelensky said Russia was concentrating its firepower on the Donbas front, but Ukraine would hit back with long-range weapons. Since abandoning an assault on the capital Kyiv, Russia has concentrated its military operation on the industrial Donbas heartland that comprises the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, where Moscow-backed separatist proxies have been fighting Ukraine since 2014. Russia says it is capturing Luhansk region in order to give it to the self-proclaimed Russian-backed Luhansk People’s Republic whose independence it recognised on the eve of the war.

Georgians rally for EU, urge government to quit

Georgians staged a new mass rally on Sunday demanding that the government resign over its failure to formally secure candidacy for membership of the European Union. The Black Sea nation has been in the grip of mass protests since EU leaders decided in late June to defer Tbilisi’s application for membership, pending sweeping political reforms. The biggest demonstrations in decades, which saw at least 120,000 take to the streets on June 20, are being organised by leading pro-democracy groups and supported by opposition parties. On Sunday evening, more than 35,000 demonstrators gathered outside Georgian parliament, blocking traffic at the main thoroughfare of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. Waving Georgian and EU flags, demonstrators sang the national anthem as many held placards that read “We are Europe”.

31 bodies, some decomposing, found at US funeral home

US police are investigating after more than 30 bodies were found inside a southern Indiana funeral home. Police in the Louisville suburb of Jeffersonville responded to Lankford Funeral Home and Family Centre and found 31 bodies, including some “in the advanced stages of decomposition”, Major Isaac Parker said. He said the county coroner’s office had reported a strong odour emanating from the building. Inside, officers wearing hazmat gear found bodies “in different places around the building”. Some of the bodies had been at the funeral home since March, Parker said.

Shark kills two tourists in Egypt’s Red Sea

Two women, an Austrian and a Romanian, were killed in a shark attack off the coast of Egypt. Austrian news agency APA said one of the women was a 68-year-old from the country’s Tyrol region who was holidaying in Egypt. She died of a heart attack from fright after the mammal approached.

Sydney braces for more heavy rains and flash floods

Fresh evacuation orders were issued for thousands of Sydney residents on Monday after relentless rains flooded several suburbs in Australia’s largest city, with officials warning of more wild weather over the next 12 hours. An intense low-pressure system off Australia’s east coast is forecast to bring more heavy rain through Monday across the southern regions of New South Wales even as several places in the state were hit with about a month’s rain over the weekend. About 100 millimetres of rain could fall in the next 24 hours over a wide swathe of regions in New South Wales, from Newcastle to the south of Sydney, a distance of more than 300 kms, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Italy’s Draghi to meet 5-Star chief with govt’s future at risk

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the leader of the 5-Star Movement Giuseppe Conte will meet today to try to resolve tensions which could bring down Draghi’s 16-month old government. Conte, who was Draghi’s predecessor as premier, took the reins of the 5-Star Movement after his own government collapsed in February last year, but relations with Draghi have grown more difficult as 5-Star’s fortunes have waned. 5-Star was the largest party in parliament until a split this month saw around 60 of its lawmakers leave to join a breakaway group led by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, a former 5-Star leader.

NY store clerk kills customer over potato chips

A New York store clerk stabbed a customer to death after an argument over a packet of potato chips. Joe Alba, 51, killed Austin Simon, 37, inside a grocery store on Broadway at 139th West. The quarrel erupted after the clerk got mad at a woman who took a packet of potato chips but didn’t have enough cash to pay. Simon, who had entered the shop with a child, after witnessing the scene took it out on the clerk, insulting him. Alba grabbed a knife and hit the client twice in the chest and once in the neck. Rushed to Harlem Hospital, Simon died shortly after. The clerk was arrested.

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