Global Review – 5th May

EU Backtracking on China

In an interview with France Presse, EU Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis announced the EU had “suspended” its efforts to have Member States and the EU Parliament ratify the investment agreement concluded at the end of 2020 with China. He said it was clear that in the current situation, with the EU sanctions against China and the Chinese counter-sanctions, the environment was not conducive to ratification of the agreement.

Ayuso wins Madrid elections

Antenna 3 says that with 98 per cent of the votes counted, Isabel Díaz Ayuso of the Popular Party (PP) has confirmed her triumph in the administrative elections for the Madrid region. But the far-right group Vox remains decisive in allowing her to continue to govern. The Socialist Party lost 13 seats compared to 2019. The political earthquake in Madrid already showed the first setbacks: Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos and former deputy premier, announced his exit from active politics in the evening.

Political standstill in Israel

Jerusalem Post reports Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has not fulfilled the mandate to form a new government, following an inconclusive election in March. President Rivlin can now ask any other politician to try and set up a coalition or ask Parliament to select a candidate.

Recovery Fund approved in Poland

According to Polskie Radio, Polish Parliament has ratified the Recovery Fund, thanks to the votes of the left Opposition and despite the negative vote from deputies of the right government coalition. Poland is one of the largest beneficiaries of post COVID-19 European aid.

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