Global Review – 6th June

Russians strike Kyiv five times

As Russia continues to make gains in its offensive in Donbas, the Russian military appears to have once again turned its focus to the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv, launching five missile strikes on Sunday. The strikes appear to have been directed at tanks and other supplies arriving from the West, with the Kremlin claiming that it had destroyed weapons at a train repair store. The strikes also came on the same day that the Russian president warned the West against the supply of new missiles to Ukraine. According to the Ukraine, Russia used five X-22 cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea; one was destroyed by Ukrainian air defence systems, but four were able to cause substantial damage to “infrastructure facilities” in the region. There were no casualties. One missile came close to a nuclear plant, just 220 miles to the south of Kyiv. The nuclear plant operator warned that even a tiny fragment of a cruise missile striking such a plant could result in a nuclear catastrophe. Russia said long-range air missiles were used to destroy T-72 tanks arriving in Ukraine from Eastern Europe. Various armoured vehicles were also destroyed, which were being stored in a train carriage repair facility.

New Putin warning

President Putin issued a fresh warning on Sunday against the continued supply of weapons to Ukraine.On national television broadcaster Rossiya-1, he criticised the delivery of American rocket launchers to Ukraine. Putin said that if the West went ahead and delivered long-range weapons to Ukraine, which would allow Kyiv to order military strikes on Russian soil, then the Russian military would begin striking new locations. However, he did not explicitly suggest that Russia would strike NATO soil.

UK to send Ukraine M270 multiple-launch rocket systems

Despite President Putin’s threat to the West, the UK is sending its first long-range missiles to Ukraine, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said. He said the M270 multiple-launch rocket system will help Ukraine defend itself against Russia. The UK government has not confirmed how many weapons will be sent, but the BBC understands it will be three initially. The decision was co-ordinated with the US, which announced last week it was also supplying a rocket system.

50 dead in the Nigeria church attack

A commando of armed men opened fire on the faithful inside a Catholic church in the Nigerian state of Ondo, killing at least 50 people, including women and children. According to an initial reconstruction, the commandos also made use of explosives. The local deputy, Ogunmolasuyi Oluwole, said gunmen fired inside the church of St Fracis, in the state of Ondo while the faithful were gathered for Pentecost Sunday. Several were injured, some of whom were transported to hospital in very serious conditions. Pope Francis said in a statement he had learned of the “death of dozens of faithful”, many children, during the celebration of the Christian holiday of the Pentecost and prayed for the victims and for the country.

India uproar after insults to Prophet Muhammad

Muslim countries including Qatar, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia condemn remarks about Prophet Mohammed made by top officials in India’s Bharatiya Janata Party, as calls grow on social media for boycott of Indian goods. Qatar, Kuwait and Iran have summoned their Indian envoys over the insulting remarks. In a note, Qatar asserted that “these insulting remarks would lead to incitement of religious hatred, and offend more than two billion Muslims around the world”. Doha is expecting “a public apology and immediate condemnation of these remarks,” from the Indian government, it added.

Queen ‘humbled and touched’ by celebrations

Queen Elizabeth has said she is “humbled and deeply touched” by the Platinum Jubilee celebrations held across the UK. In a “thank you” letter after a concluding pageant in London, she said she remained committed to serving as monarch with the support of her family. The Queen said despite not being at every event marking her 70-year reign: “My heart has been with you all.” She was joined by three generations of her family on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the finale of the pageant. Her appearance rounded off a huge star-studded procession along The Mall which saw carnival floats celebrating the seven decades of her reign. Millions of people have also held Jubilee parties and street lunches in towns and cities across the UK.

Six dead in Philadelphia, Tennessee

Mass shootings in Pennsylvania and Tennessee have killed at least six people and wounded more than 25, police said on Sunday, in the latest cases of US gun violence after recent massacres in Texas, New York and Oklahoma. Multiple shooters opened fire in Philadelphia’s busy South Street, an area filled with bars and restaurants, shortly before midnight on Saturday. Two men and a woman were killed, officials said, with two of the dead and most if not all of the wounded being innocent bystanders. Likewise in Chattanooga, Tennessee, shooting broke out as people were otherwise enjoying a Saturday night on the town, though the violence erupted after midnight. Three people were left dead and 14 suffered gunshot wounds, authorities said. In yet another shooting in the early hours of Sunday, three people were killed in Saginaw, Michigan.

Bangladesh port depot fire kills 49, injures 300

At least 49 people died and hundreds were injured after a fire sparked a huge chemical explosion at a shipping container depot in Bangladesh, officials said on Sunday. The toll was expected to rise, with some of the more than 300 people injured in serious condition, officials said, while volunteers reported that there were more bodies inside the smouldering, wreckage-strewn facility.

Monkeypox cases triple around the world

WHO has said there were at least 780 cases of monkeypox discovered from May 13 to June 2 and currently assesses the global risk level as “moderate”. The UK has the highest number of new cases with 207 outside an endemic area, followed by Spain with 156 and Portugal with 138. Overall, most of the new cases are in Europe and North America as well as a handful in Mexico, Argentina, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. Health experts have said the risk to the general public “remains low”. However, there is the chance that this risk could be heightened if the virus continues to spread in new countries.

Missiles launched in response to North Korea

The United States and South Korea have launched eight missiles in response to the eight fired by North Korea in the Sea of ​​Japan, CNN reports. “The combined launch of ground-to-ground missiles shows that, even if Pyongyang provokes with launches from various places, the US and South Korea have the ability and readiness to strike immediately with precision in relation to the origin of the provocation,” a joint US-S.Korean statement said.

Former Bon Jovi bassist Alec John Such dies

A founding member of the legendary US rock band Bon Jovi, former bassist Alec John Such, has died at the age of 70. Such played with them from 1983 to 1994, when they had such hits as You Give Love a Bad Name, Livin’ on a Prayer and Bad Medicine. He was credited with bringing the band together and was remembered as a dear friend who was “wild and full of life”.

World Cup: Ukraine’s dream fades

Wales beat Ukraine 1-0 in Cardiff in the playoff final, securing 13th and last place for the European national teams at the World Cup in Qatar and making the Ukrainians’ dream of qualification vanish. The only participation in the final phase of the tournament dates back to 1958 for Wales, who will be included in group B with England, Iran and the United States.

Nadal wins 14th French Open and 22nd Grand Slam title

Rafael Nadal captured a 14th French Open and 22nd Grand Slam title with a straight sets win over Casper Ruud at Roland Garros but said his future in the sport remains in doubt. He said Sunday that he cannot keep playing if he has to keep having his troublesome foot numbed. Nadal revealed he needed pain-killing injections in his left foot before every match and will undergo treatment again this week back in Spain.

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