Global Review – 7th August

US analysing genetic data from Wuhan laboratory

US intelligence agencies are analysing a large amount of genetic data from the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan that could be the key to discovering the origins of the coronavirus as soon as they can be deciphered, CNN reports. This is a significant amount of genetic blueprints from virus samples studied in the Wuhan laboratory, which some US experts believe may have been the source of the COVID-19 outbreak. US TV, citing sources familiar with the study, said it was unclear how and when US intelligence agencies gained access to the genetic database.

China cancels large-scale exhibitions and events in Beijing

China has recorded another 124 COVID-19 cases, of which 80 of domestic transmission (new highs of 2021) and 44 imported. According to updates from the National Health Commission, Jiangsu is confirmed as the most affected province with 61 cases reported locally. Meanwhile, in Beijing, to reduce the spread of the virus and the risk of infection, local authorities have decided to cancel large-scale exhibitions and events scheduled for August. The Beijing International Film Festival 2021 and the World 5G Convention, both scheduled for this month, have been postponed.

No vaccine, no job

Three CNN employees in the US were fired for showing up at their workplace without vaccinating themselves. Jeff Zucker, the president of the media company, informed employees of the facts with a note released yesterday, recalling that the vaccine is mandatory for those who work in the presence or in the field in contact with other employees.

Journalists denounce Israeli technology company

Seventeen journalists from seven countries, targeted by the Pegasus software, have denounced the Israeli company NSO Group, after they ended up as victims of their controversial technology. These journalists, originally from Azerbaijan, Mexico, India, Spain, Hungary, Morocco and Togo, “know or have serious reasons to fear that they have been spied on by their government”. According to the investigation published last July by a consortium of 17 international media, Pegasus allegedly made it possible to spy on at least 180 journalists, 600 politicians, 85 human rights activists and 65 entrepreneurs in different countries.

Greece battles deadly wildfires near Athens

Two people have been killed and six areas put on high alert as uncontrolled wildfires spread across Greece. Huge clouds of smoke are billowing over the northern outskirts of Athens, where people are being urged to leave their homes. A 38-year-old volunteer firefighter was killed by a falling electricity pole in a suburb of the capital. Greece’s prime minister says a heat wave has turned the country into a power keg. Firefighters are battling 154 wildfires across the country. Firefighters from France, Switzerland, Sweden, Cyprus and Romania have been deployed to assist Greece.

Brexit has hit UK’s position as a gateway to Europe for imports

Brexit has damaged the UK’s position as a gateway to Europe for imported goods and increased red tape.That’s the claim of air freight companies who say Britain’s exit from the European Union has been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Robert Larkin, director of Med Freight Services near London, told Euronews, “Everything got delayed, and then add Brexit onto the top of that as well, literally a complete nightmare.” His company is one of a dozen air freight logistics firms near Gatwick Airport. They rely on chartering flights at short notice, that hop between several countries to move goods around Europe, such as manufacturing parts for supply chains.

Olympic Football final

Brazil and Spain meet this afternoon in the men’s Gold match final. The Bronze medal was won by Mexico after beating Japan 3-1. In the Women’s event, Canada won the gold against Sweden, on penalties.


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