Global Review – 7th July

255 million jobs lost to COVID-19

Some 255 million full-time jobs have been lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. UN News reports the number of people under the poverty line, which was already on the rise before the pandemic, could have increased by between 83 and 132 million. This is the main thrust of the “UN 2021 Report on the Sustainable Development Goals”. It notes that although progress to reach the goals had been slow even before the pandemic, another 119-124 million people were pushed back into poverty in 2020. The situation is also serious with regards climate, with the global average temperature being dangerously close to the 1.5°C limit set by the Paris Agreement.

Adams wins the Dem primary for New York mayor

The New York Times reports Eric Adams has won the Democratic primary for the mayor of New York. The former Afro-American policeman prevailed with a difference of 8,426 votes over Kathryn Garcia. Adams attributed his victory to the “ historic and diverse coalition led by working class citizens”.

Belarus presidential candidate gets 14 years’ jail

Radio Svoboda says the Supreme Court of Belarus has sentenced former Belgazprombank head and former presidential candidate Viktor Babariko to 14 years in prison. He was one of President Aleksander Lukashenko’s opponents in the elections and is the first to be sentenced. He was accused of laundering criminally obtained funds and receiving mega bribes from businessmen.

Tech companies might pull out of Hong Kong

An Asian industry group that includes Google, Facebook and Twitter warned that tech companies could stop offering their services in Hong Kong if the territory moves forward with the passage of a controversial new privacy law. According to The Guardian, the warning came in a letter sent by the Asia Internet Coalition, of which the three companies are members along with Apple Inc, LinkedIn and others. They showed concern over the wording of the Bill in particular at tackling the disclosure of personal data on the Internet, a practice known as “doxing”.

UK determines to stop Delta variant

The British Government is ready to challenge the prospect of reaching 100,000 COVID infections per day fueled by the new Delta variant. Health Minister Sajid Javid, told BBC Radio 4, the July 19 re-opening can no longer be postponed. Mass vaccination, he said, may represent a “protective wall” to limit the number of hospitalisations and deaths. Prime Minister Boris Johnson estimates cases could rise to 50,000 by the 19th and 100,000 by the end of summer.

Italians celebrate their Euro win over Spain

There were celebrations in the stands and on the pitch at Wembley Stadium, in the streets of north London and those of Italian cities as Italy beat Spain 5-3 on penalties. Spain were the better side for large periods of the match but Italy had the quality on the counter and the coolness in the shootout, personified by the sheer calmness of Jorginho’s high pressure spot kick. They now meet the winner of tonight’s other semifinal – either England or Denmark – next Sunday. England’s coach, Gareth Southgate said they had the nation behind them.

Argentina book place in Copa America final

Argentina beat Colombia 3-2 on penalties and qualified for the final against Brazil on Saturday. O Globo reports Argentinian goalkeeper Emi Martinez was the shootout hero with three saves.


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