Global Review – 8th September

One dead as buildings sway in Mexico City earthquake

At least one person died due to the 7 magnitude earthquake that struck early today the Acapulco area, in the Mexican state of Guerrero. The governor of the state, Hector Astudillo, told Milenio TV, the victim, a man, was hit by an eletricity light pole in the nearby town of Coyuca de Benitez. The quake caused buildings to rock and sway in Mexico City nearly 200 miles away, where the ground shook for nearly a minute.

Hong Kong police arrest Tiananmen vigil organisers

Hong Kong police today arrested several activists of the Hong Kong Alliance, the group that for about 30 years promoted and organised the vigil in memory of the bloody events in Tiananmen Square. The Alliance confirmed that three activists were arrested this morning, while a fourth, lawyer Chow Hang-tung, was taken away in handcuffs from the office.

Taliban kill three to quell Harat protests

Medical workers in the western Afghan city of Harat say three people were shot dead and seven others were injured when the Taliban opened fire on protesters. The corpses, all bearing gunshot wounds, were transported to the local hospital. Earlier, the Taliban in Kabul fired shots into the air to disperse a protest by some 70 people, mostly women. They accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban.

Afghanistan: ‘priority is now eradication of poverty’

The new Afghan government “will have to face immediate problems, especially poverty”. After announcing new government, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said, “The security problem is solved, because there is no more war.” Mullah Mohammad Hasan has been appointed interim prime minister while Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, co-founder of the Taliban, will be the deputy leader of the new government in Kabul.

US expresses ‘concern’ at the new Taliban government

The White House and the State Department both expressed “concern” on the background of some members the Taliban-formed government but said they would judge it on the basis of facts. They noted the government “includes all members of the Taliban or their allies and no women”.

US attacks kill 22,000 civilians in 20 years

US aerial bombardments and drone strikes killed at least 22,000 civilians – and potentially up to 48,000 – in the 20-year war on terror that followed 9/11. The news was gven by Airwar, a group that monitors the damage of the war to civilians. The data was released on the eve of the 20th  anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, in which nearly 3,000 people died. The US said it had conducted at least 91,340 attacks in 20 years, including 9,000 against ISIS.

Court of Justice asked to impose fines on Poland

The European Commission has taken its infringement procedure against Poland over judicial independence one step further and asked the EU’s Court of Justice to impose daily fines on the country. The Commission considers Poland has failed to abide by the Court’s interim measures issued last July, which relate to a controversial chamber of the Polish Supreme Court that was established to discipline judges and prosecutors. Brussels sees the disciplinary chamber as a threat to the country’s judicial independence that makes judges subject to political control.

‘Church must face lack of faith and corruption within itself’

The Catholic Church must accompany people in the sufferings caused by the pandemic and poverty but “we cannot hide from the fact that the Church itself must face the lack of faith and corruption even within itself”. A Vatican document on the eve of the Synod of Bishops underlines “the suffering experienced by minors and vulnerable people due to sexual abuse and power committed by a considerable number of clerics and consecrated persons”. It said that “for too long, the Church has not been able to listen to enough to the cry of the victims”.

Mexico decriminalises abortion in landmark ruling

Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that criminal penalties for terminating pregnancies are unconstitutional. The ruling, for the northern state of Coahuila, prevents women from being prosecuted for getting an abortion. Supreme Court Justice Luis Maria Aguilar described the move as a “historic step for women”.

Spanish woman sues after birth swap error

A woman has demanded compensation from health authorities in northern Spain after discovering she was mistakenly swapped at birth with another baby 19 years ago. Both babies were put in incubators before being handed to the wrong parents. The regional government has acknowledged the mix-up, blaming it on a “human error”.

€10 million heist from Paris’ Bulgari jewellery shop

A gang of armed robbers has stolen some €10 million worth of jewellery items from the Bulgari shop in Place Vendome, in Paris. According to Le Parisien, a police officer opened fire and wounded one of the robbers in the leg, who was then stopped by officers. A second man was also arrested, while the other members of the gang, at least six, are still on the run.


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