Happy to see our proposals included in the PL manifesto

We’re happy to see that proposals we made together with other NGOs as a coalition, have been included in the electoral manifesto, Cynthia Chircop, coordinator at the Malta Gay Rights Movement told theJournal.mt.

Chircop was speaking on theDailySpot #19 which featured Labour’s set of proposals for more progress and a more equal society.

This week, Labour announced that the sex reassignment, or gender confirmation surgery will be provided for free. This follows another measure introduced during this legislature by which transgender people can access hormone therapy for free through the Gender Wellbeing Clinic.

Another proposal aims to prevent the spread of HIV in Malta, by providing free PrEP and PEP medicine. Chircop welcomed this proposal.

‘These are quite important proposals because, in the case, for example of PrEP and PEP, it has been shown scientifically that they work, as they lead to a lower rate of transmission, and in Malta this is especially important because we have among the highest rates of transmission of HIV in Europe,’ she said.

Labour is also pledging to make the parameters governing blood donation equal for all. Chircop said that this is an important proposal since there’s a stigma on blood donation by LGBTIQ persons, which needs to be removed.

Another proposal featured on theDailySpot is Labour’s commitment to start a mature national discussion on euthanasia for people with terminal illness. A survey we reported on last year on theJournal.mt showed that for the first time ever, Malta recorded a majority in support of the introduction of euthanasia.

Don’t miss today’s theDailySpot this afternoon on theJournal.mt’s Facebook page.

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