If or when World War III breaks out

▪️ If or when World War III breaks out ▪️ Persistent hypocrisy

Military strategists and media pundits have been lately talking about the “no longer remote” possibility of another world war – World War III. The threat is looming large in the public consciousness, and the West would again be responsible for it. There are a familiar arrogance and an irresponsible mode of talk that suddenly make of diplomacy an obsolete term.

This idea of the US, the UK, and their obeying cohorts, as some sort of global police force, raiding and violating the sovereignty of other nations is, of course, not new. One may think, for example, that the American raids on Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria were thoroughly justified after three US soldiers were killed in a drone attack on their base in Syria. It is always sad when even a single human life is lost in such a way.

Not a single mainstream news outlet cared to say that the American soldiers were and still are in Syria illegally. Why are they there? They were never invited in. What are they doing there? Why have they taken over the Syrian oilfields and actually pumping them for their own gain?

Add all this hyperbole to the recent statement by the head of the British Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, who said citizens should be “trained and equipped” to fight in a potential war with Russia, even describing us lot living today as the “pre-war generation”. As a result, there is anxiety among many UK families about the possibility of conscription, which NATO officials have said it may be “time to consider”.

But what do WE do as a declared neutral and non-aligned nation should the fires of hatred and destruction continue to devour the peaceful Europe that evolved following Word War II? The Maltese, alas, had grown used to being exploited as territorial and bombing pawns for every single empire in history, but now have their destiny in their own hands. They either stick to their hard-won freedom and sovereignty by refusing to be used in any forthcoming war or give in and, again, face the inevitable, historical consequences.

Photo: Uğurcan Özmen

The Constitution is a lot more important than any European pact or treaty, and dragging us into a war would be a big mistake. Our ports are no longer open to the warships of warring nations, because, rest assured, a NATO-Russia war would spill down to the Mediterranean and many in Brussels would expect us to bow our heads, take a deep breath, and accept to open the ports for some excuse, such as refuelling, a break for exhausted crews, and “voluntarily” contributing to the campaign to destroy the arch enemy. No thank you.

It doesn’t mean we won’t get hurt. A time of war causes a lot of collateral economic damage, as we are experiencing with both the Ukraine situation and the war in Gaza. However, Malta today enjoys the factor of resilience needed to not only face the waves but also to ride them out of any eventual crisis. Malta proudly wears the badge of peace, so keep your ships and guided missiles away from our shores.

Persistent hypocrisy

Soon as Russia horribly invaded Ukraine, the valiant defenders of freedom in Europe quickly made sure all Russians, down to the nearest single citizen who hardly knows the name of his next-door neighbour, were banned from everything and everywhere. Yeah, make those Russians pay, Ursula.

Sportsmen and women who had trained for years to reach the upper levels of European and international competitions were quickly refused participation even on a no-flag, personal ticket. Football teams in European competitions were chucked out and businessmen with no attachment whatsoever to the Putin regime sanctioned, much to chagrin of their European partners.

In the name of free speech and Press freedom, all Russian news outlets were forcibly taken off all European free-to-air and satellite platforms (for which subscribers pay their servers) on the pretext they only furnish propaganda and lies. Even if you, as a free-thinking individual, want to see what propaganda and lies they are dishing out, you cannot read them or watch them. You just have to stick to the purity of European and American news outlets, hundreds of them compared to the few Russian ones with their predictable arguments and stories.

Even if one is in agreement with all that funny stuff, it would be only fair to assume that peace-loving Europe would act the same way if another nation invaded somewhere else. Take the ongoing Israeli invasion and genocide in Gaza as a living example. Yes, the chilling 7th October event triggered it, but one has to bear in mind that short episode was the direct result of 75 years of brutal occupation. The Israeli response has been terrifyingly out of all proportions, cruel and genocidal enough to merit a condemnation of sorts from the International Court of Justice.

Yet, no bans of Israeli atheletes and football teams have been issued by the hypocritical EU promoters of peace, love, and Christian values. No sanctions have been issued against Israeli businessmen and far-right politicians who publicly incite for a Greater Israel that encompasses the whole of Gaza and the West Bank. On the contrary, while in Ukraine the EU leaders flew to the invaded country to offer money, weapons, and support, in the case of Gaza they went to the invader. Since then, they have been stuttering a few words of caution when they comment on the war, in particular the EU Chief Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, who has been embarassingly going round in circles when addressing a bemused, albeit prejudiced, media.

Photo: Artur Widak/NurPhoto/picture alliance

Even going over to mundane events like the Eurovision Song Contest, there is just no heart to deny Israel’s participation, despite the mounting pressure on European broadcasters to boycott as it had done in 2022 over the invasion of Ukraine. Invading Israeli soldiers killing more than 27,000 people, mostly civilians including women and babies, do not deter Europe’s capitulation to the Zionist stranglehold.

Even more curious, while there have been members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) calling for a boycott of Israel in the forthcoming contest, there has been a lukewarm reaction from the organisers, no doubt conscious of their tight leashes to Brussels.

Stations, singers, musicians, and protesters in Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Norway, and Spain have all been calling for a boycott.  In our case, it seems we are too meek to join them as, for us poor souls, this happens to be “the greatest entertaiment event of the year”.

Main photo: Scanpix

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