‘I’m voting Labour for the first time’ – Antonella Rogers

Cancer survivor and activist shares her story at PL event and thanks Labour officials for their indiscriminate support.

“I thank the Labour Party for supporting me in difficult times. It was that phone call among many, from Party members and Ministers who called to tell me ‘we’re behind you and wish you a speedy recovery’. They did not look at political colours. They did not look at who I was, and I appreciate this till today.” This was the emotional message of Antonella Rogers, the 40 year old chef who managed to beat cancer in 2018 and is now sharing her story to help other people who are going through this experience.

Rogers was addressing her first-ever political event, at the Labour Party’s Orpheum Theatre in Gzira this afternoon.

“I was hurt when someone turned cancer into a political game, but I will leave that behind me as today I saw the difference between one party and the other.”

Antonella Rogers sharing her experience on Net Television in June 2018

Rogers thanked the Labour Government for providing free medicine to cancer patients, which cost approximately €180 per month, as well for giving rights to LGBTIQ people.

“I thank those who called me an opportunist. I’m not an opportunist but a former Nationalist who is voting Labour for the first time. I remind everyone that we’re living in a democratic country where people can express themselves without being attacked personally,” she declared.

‘We’re living in a democratic country where people can express themselves without being attacked personally.’

She also hailed the Labour Government’s willingness to listen, citing the problems people with cancer used to face when trying to buy a house.

“Thanks to the New Hope Guarantee, we are now considered equal to everyone else and you do not let our condition compromise our future,” she concluded.

In 2018, Rogers shared her experience in her book entitled “Ispirazzjoni għall-ħajja” (Inspiration for life), where she documented her journey, her everyday struggles, and the help she received from family and friends. She has since dedicated her life to giving courage to cancer patients.

The cover of Antonella Rogers’ book

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