IN PICTURES: “Malta’s plan is one of the greenest the EC has approved”

“I’m happy to announce that the EC has decided to give its green light to Malta’s RRF plan. This plan excels by the fact that 54% of the initiatives will support our green objectives. This is one of the greenest plans the EC has approved so far.”

This was European Commission Ursula von der Leyen’s verdict on the Maltese Government’s plan for the use of the Recovery & Resilience Facility funds. 

Von der Leyen was speaking following a meeting with Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela.  

Following a visit at the Malta Information Technology Agency, the EC President hailed MITA’s investment over the past months, saying that it is “very fascinating to see the work that has been done in improving cyber security.”

“I was glad to see how your digital future will look like,” she added.

“I was glad to see how your digital future will look like” – von der Leyen

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the plan will see the implementation of important reforms for Malta including those related to decarbonisation, waste management, transport, education and labour market pathways, digital and innovative transformation, and health.

He referred to the significant reforms undertaken by the Government to strengthen democracy and to protect the rule of law.  

“In less than 20 months we enacted wide ranging legislation, including constitutional changes, and implementation is now visible and tangible on the ground. And, we have done this also with the support and recognition of EU Institutions and Agencies.” 

The Prime Minister said that in the coming days, the Government will launch an anti-Slapp bill and a number of other legislative instruments aimed at the protection of journalists and defending media freedom.

The plan, submitted to the European Commission in July sets out six key strategic objectives.

  • Addressing climate neutrality through enhanced energy efficiency, clean energy and a circular economy.
  • ​​Addressing Carbon-Neutrality by decarbonising transport.
  • Fostering a digital, smart and resilient economy.
  • Strengthening the resilience of the health system.
  • Enhancing quality education and fostering socio-economic sustainability.
  • Strengthening the institutional framework. followed the European Commission President during her one-day visit. This is the day, in pictures.

Touchdown: First greetings by PM Abela and President von der Leyen

No time to waste: Quick word at the Malta International Airport

MITA visit: MITA Chairman Tony Sultana explaining the details

Castille Square: All smiles as the EC President enters Castille Square

New visitor: Ursula von der Leyen signing the visitors book in Castille

The greenlight: EC President presents the all important approval to PM Abela

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