Into the deep onboard Bernard’s submarine

Those who venture where no one has before are often labeled genius or considered fools.

In our case it’s probably none of the two as the recent statements by Bernarnd Grech on land reclamation and offshore wind farms can be easily attributable to cheap political opportunism.

Whilst opening up to land reclamation, Bernard Grech explained how this will not be done close to the coast but further offshore at a higher expense due to increased depths.

Now let’s look at the basics. The Mediterranean is not only known for its beauty and warm summers but also for its profound abyss. In fact, especially in the seas around Malta, the bathymetry gains impressive depths quickly rendering what Bernard Grech is considering at best not-feasible and in layman’s terms impossible.

So unless the PN is planning to destroy ecologically sensitive reefs such as Is-Sikka l-Bajda, they are either taking us for a ride or they have no clue on what they’re talking about.

Quick refresh, Bernard’s Chief, Mr. Ray Bezzina, should know a thing or two about Is-Sikka l-Bajda and this topic. He was the one who piloted the failed wind farm project on this reef and the famous wind mast at L-Ahrax tal-Mellieha that ended up being eaten out by rust. Let’s not forget these blunders, because when it comes to major infrastructure, a country the size of Malta, does not really afford mistakes.

Would any of us embark a submarine being driven by any of these individuals? Let’s hope not. It would be even riskier to trust them with the reigns of the country.

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