It’s time: let’s celebrate Disability Pride in Malta

Disability Pride Month is not just a celebration; it is a movement. Let us bring that movement to Malta and show the world that we are committed to inclusion, diversity, and pride for all.

As a young disabled woman, I am proud to join millions around the world in celebrating Disability Pride Month every July. This month is a time to honour the accomplishments and resilience of the disabled community, challenge stigmas, and advocate for a more inclusive society. It is also a time for reflection, joy, and community solidarity. But what is the history behind Disability Pride Month, and how do people celebrate it globally? More importantly, why should Malta recognise and celebrate Disability Pride Month on a national level?

The history of Disability Pride Month

Disability Pride Month began in the United States in 1990, coinciding with the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This landmark legislation was a pivotal moment for disability rights, prohibiting discrimination based on disability and ensuring equal opportunities in public life. The first Disability Pride Parade took place in Boston in 1990, setting a precedent for future celebrations.

The movement has since spread, with cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles hosting annual parades and events. Disability Pride Month is not just a celebration of legal victories; it is a powerful statement against ableism and a declaration of self-acceptance and community pride. It reminds society that disabled people are not defined by their limitations but by their unique contributions and identities.

Global celebrations of Disability Pride Month

Around the world, Disability Pride Month is marked by various activities and events that reflect the rich diversity of the disabled community. In the United States, parades, festivals, and educational workshops are common, featuring speakers, performances, and resource fairs. These events foster a sense of community and empowerment, highlighting the talents and achievements of disabled individuals.

In the United Kingdom, Disability Pride events often include art exhibitions, panel discussions, and advocacy campaigns. These initiatives aim to raise awareness about disability issues and promote inclusive practices in all aspects of life. Similarly, in Canada, Disability Pride Month is celebrated with events that emphasise accessibility, inclusion, and the celebration of disabled identities.

A Disability Pride March in Rome.

Why Malta should recognise Disability Pride Month

Despite the global momentum, Malta has yet to officially recognise Disability Pride Month. It is time for our nation to join this important movement. Here’s why:

Promoting inclusion and awareness: Official recognition of Disability Pride Month would highlight the importance of inclusion and accessibility in Maltese society. It would encourage conversations about the challenges faced by disabled individuals and promote understanding and empathy.

Celebrating diversity: Disability Pride Month would provide an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and talents within the disabled community. Events and activities could showcase the achievements of disabled individuals in various fields, from arts and sports to academics and entrepreneurship.

Encouraging advocacy and change: Recognising Disability Pride Month would strengthen advocacy efforts for disability rights and policies. It would provide a platform for disabled individuals and their allies to voice their concerns and push for necessary changes in areas such as education, employment, and healthcare.

Building community: Celebrating Disability Pride Month on a national level would help build a stronger sense of community among disabled individuals in Malta. It would create spaces for connection, support, and solidarity, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment.

As we look to the future, let us envision a Malta that proudly celebrates Disability Pride Month each July. By officially recognising this important month, we can take a significant step towards a more inclusive and equitable society. Let us honour the history, celebrate the present, and work together for a future where all individuals, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and be proud of who they are.

Disability Pride Month is not just a celebration; it is a movement. Let us bring that movement to Malta and show the world that we are committed to inclusion, diversity, and pride for all.

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Marica Brincat Vassallo
Marica Brincat Vassallo
10 days ago

It is time that rights for disabled persons and those of their families are taken seriously. It is the time that actions to safeguard these rights are addressed immediately. It is the time that the Ministry for persons’ with disability makes sure that the rights are not just on paper and if anyone complains about an injustice they are kept on board on what action is being taken. It is time that if road works are being done and the disabled bay is removed an alternative is offered and if infrastructure is not competent enough regarding this field they should not bare such responsability.
It is the time that before celebrating milestones in this field we make sure that these milestones have really been reached.
It is the time that a wife of a disabled person should not be bullied, neglected of her rights, and undressed of her dignity just because she has guardianship of her husband.
It is the time that all those working in this sector especially the ones who are engaged to safeguard these rights are really deem taking home their wages and they are not there just for the payroll!
This time around these statements might seem just an allegation next time surely I will start giving names, but I believe in second chances and anyone who is concerned if it might be him or her I suggest to check my complaints. My name is Marica Brincat Vassallo.