Join the discussion: Equality & civil rights on Labour’s agenda

The fight for a more equal society, where everyone’s rights are fully respected will be the main focus at the PL Headquarters tonight, as Nisa Laburisti, is holding a discussion with the theme “Renewing our work for equality and civil rights”.

Speaking to, Nisa Laburisti President Nikita Alamango said that the aim is to continue to shed light on a topic that is close to their hearts, and at the same time contribute towards the regeneration of the party’s policies, keeping it on its toes.   

We have always been at the forefront. We want to break the taboo of talking about sexual health, infertility issues and the reality of rare conditions. We want to understand where we came from but also where we want to go. What are the realities being faced by healthcare workers, parents and teenagers today,” said Alamango. 

Tonight’s discussion, which will be streamed live on Nisa Laburisti’s Facebook page, will include a mix of professionals and people willing to share their stories. Professor Mark Brincat, a leading name on infertility issues will be joined by a mother who has just given birth through the IVF process, and a father whose child was born with a very rare condition.

Prof Mark Brincat

The idea behind the panel, said Alamango, is to have a mix of professionals, parents and NGO representatives who will provide their own experience.

Asked why it is important to continue to strive for equality, Alamango recalled the times when equality and civil rights in Malta were just a dream. “We have certainly come a long way. I cannot help remembering actively campaigning for divorce rights in 2011, LGBTIQ Pride events along the years, as well as changes to the IVF legislation back in 2018, and access to the Morning After Pill.

However, we are still facing limitations to all the above. Gender-based violence is still a reality, couples are still seeking to carry out IVF treatments abroad because of the limitations in the current law, such as PGD testing or surrogacy still being a crime.

Another issue is not having enough access to the Morning After Pill in a country where abortion is illegal. We believe that MAP should be offered in all rape cases at MDH and available 24/7, not depending on the moral compass of those selling it. These are some of the issues under discussion tonight,” said Alamango.

Throughout the years Nisa Laburisti has been a step ahead of the Party on a number of issues, being given freedom to pursue issues and even challenge Party position, something which Alamango describes as “fantastic”.

“All Party branches are always a step ahead of the Party. From FZL to NL, we have always pushed internally to have the debates that maybe weren’t so popular. A few months ago, we pushed for further changes in the divorce law, and managed to get cannabis for personal use on the agenda.

It is a breath of fresh air to be able to discuss and debate with people from different walks of life, even if we do not always agree, at least we’re always aware of the issues being discussed in society.

This is the way a political party not only remains relevant, but continues to reinvent and regenerate itself. We aim to keep the party on its toes,” concluded Alamango.

This is the second side event in PL’s Conference. On Friday, Labour’s progressive think tank, iDEAT discussed Malta’s electoral system, together with Professors Ian Refalo and Godfrey Pirotta, Speaker of the House of Representatives Anglu Farrugia and PL Vice President and head of the electoral office Louis Gatt. 

The Conference resumes on Friday morning with a business breakfast disussing PL’s main theme, Renewing Malta Together.

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