Keeping the Germans down

When I referred to keeping the Germans down it was a reference to why NATO was created.

Camille Franke’s blog published by The Journal earlier today makes mention of my recent remark on The Malta Business Weekly that Germans and the European People’s Party (EPP) feel the nostalgia of the 1930s. In a world of freedom of expression, we assume the responsibility of what we say. That was a reference to arming Germany and Europe, not to Nazism. These are separate arguments.

Please, Camille Franke, read carefully. The reference to percentages in defence spending is a non sequitur. I never referred to what they spent but to what they want to increase in defence spending, including the reference to nuclear deterrence. Hence, the nostalgia. I would have appreciated to see a reference to my entire article, and not cherry-picking just an excerpt and misinterpreting the entire message.    

When I referred to keeping the Germans down it was a reference to why NATO was created. When NATO was established, the mission was to keep the Americans in Western Europe to enhance democracy, the USSR out and, yes, the Germans down. Also, in separate articles, I wrote that Germany’s former Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, has failed miserably in diplomacy. I stand by what I have said. My explanations are clear. Ursula von der Leyen involved herself during the negotiations and it was not her, or Roberta Metsola’s, remit. Diplomacy, and what we discuss, must be under the remit of the EU member states’ capitals. It was the remit of Josep Borrel, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, not theirs, to negotiate, and this is why the Treaty of Lisbon provides for the role of a High Representative.

Let me be explicit and clear. Russia invaded Ukraine with armed aggression. It is illegal under international law to change borders with armed aggression. However, the diplomatic mess is of Ursula and her peers’ doing. On the Minsk agreements, as well as the Steinmeier Formula, I have said enough, so I won’t repeat myself. I am glad that this was outlined in a blog. Yes, Germany’s former defence minister, Ursula von der Leyen, as well as her EPP peers, including Roberta Metsola and Manfred Weber, have disrupted Europe’s diplomatic leverage. We are not blaming it on the West. We are blaming it on inept people who have no idea of diplomacy.

As I have already pointed out, it is illegal under international law to change borders with armed aggression. This applies to Azerbaijan, too. Ah, but now Ilham Aliyev is Ursula’s most reliable partner. No sanctions were applied for sweeping Armenians out of Nagorno-Karabakh with armed aggression. And Roberta Metsola failed to increase the Euroepan Parliament’s profile to sanction Azerbaijan.

Lastly, the EU Budget cannot fund lethal weapons. The funding must come bilaterally from member states. The nuclear production and deterrence reference is chilling and akin to what happened in the 1930s, and the EPPs narrative is, indeed, scary.

It would be good to know how these lethal weapons are going to be funded. This is clearly a different EU from the one we joined in 2004.

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