Labour’s family support package – A true example of equity

(Latest update: 1st March 2022 11:22hrs)

The family support package announced by Labour this morning offers over €191 million to help improve the quality of lives of families across Malta and Gozo.

Episode 8 of theDailySpot featured an analysis of these proposals.

Increased access to IVF will ensure that everyone has a chance to become a parent, and if possible, more than once.

Children’s allowance will be increased generously.

Parents whose children further their education beyond school leaving age will receive a new grant.  

Children’s guarantee: from laptops to each child in secondary school, to a back-to-school pack to children of low-income families and free childcare to all children irrespective of their parents’ working status.

We spoke to a number of people who will be impacted by this support package, to get their reaction.

The Early Years (0-3 years) are considered as the most important in the life of a child. Children who spend time in a nurturing and stimulating environment of a high-quality childcare centre are given opportunities to be better prepared for school and for life. All children have a right to discover, learn, and grow through play in a safe environment with qualified carers.

I believe that with the new proposals targeted on children, all children from all social strata will live comfortably and adequately. Children falling under the poverty line will have equal opportunities as their peers at school and this will consequently narrow the social gap. This is a true example of equity.

With these proposals my family and I will benefit from a better quality of life thanks to the extra income proposed. As a mother, the in-work benefit helped me to return to work.

As a parent of two children who are 20 and 21 respectively, I welcome the new proposal launched today with regards to the €500 per year grant for furtherance of studies. This will incentivise my children to further their studies even more.

It is our duty to give greater opportunities to families to have children. It’s now time to move to the next level by improving our systems in order to ensure that we don’t export our problems, and to give a greater chance to families to have children. Then we continue to improve the lives of their children through initiatives such as an increase in the children’s allowance.

The new proposals will give me more benefits especially as I am expecting a child. It is clear that the Labour Party is further improving the incentives for families and children.

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