Less waste, more trucks and storytelling

WasteServ reports a significant boost in Malta's recycling rate, with a staggering 266% increase over the last ten years.

WasteServ has reported a notable surge in Malta’s recycling efforts, marking a 266% increase compared to a decade ago. This result shows the islands’ progression in sustainable waste management practices, coupled with a reduction of nearly one-third in the use of black bags.

Compared to the 2010-2013 average, Malta has reduced the generation of household black bags by 31.5%. Additionally, in the first six months of 2024, Malta saw a 12% increase in the collection of organic waste compared to the same period last year. WasteServ processes this organic waste at the ECOHIVE complex, converting it into energy.

WasteServ’s CEO Richard Bilocca attributed these successes to ongoing dedication and strategic investments in infrastructure. He highlighted the ECOHIVE Complex, alongside new facilities in Ħal Far, and Marsascala’s advanced glass sorting line, as pivotal to enhancing Malta’s waste management capabilities.

Richard Bilocca, Wasteserv’s CEO.

Policy reforms, including revised waste collection schedules and mandatory waste separation, have further improved these efforts. Differential gate fees for commercial waste have also contributed significantly to driving positive change across the board.

Looking ahead, stakeholders remain optimistic about sustaining and expanding these environmental gains. The collective efforts of policymakers, industry leaders, and the public are crucial in driving Malta towards a greener future, fostering a circular economy that minimises waste and maximises resource efficiency.

The Roadshow Truck Initiative

In addition to operational achievements, WasteServ is carrying out an initiative to promote waste separation across Malta — the Roadshow Truck. Designed to simplify the disposal of recyclable and hazardous waste for residents, these mobile units are visiting localities across the island, providing a convenient alternative to traditional Civic Amenity Sites.

The Roadshow Trucks are equipped to handle a diverse array of materials, including clothes, plastics, metals, and household batteries, among others. Each truck features separate compartments for different waste streams, ensuring that recyclables remain uncontaminated and preserving their quality for effective recycling processes.

Wasteserv’s roadshow truck

This initiative is part of the broader Sort It Out campaign, co-financed by the European Union under the Cohesion Fund. It reflects WasteServ’s commitment to democratising sustainable waste management practices, making them accessible to all residents. By bringing waste management services closer to communities, the Roadshow Trucks eliminate the need for extensive travel, thereby encouraging greater participation in recycling efforts.

Residents can easily access the schedule of Roadshow Truck visits through their local councils, ensuring that everyone has equitable access to this convenient service. This initiative not only simplifies waste disposal but also educates the public on the importance of recycling.

Start them young

Beyond operational initiatives, WasteServ continues to encourage environmental consciousness through the ECOHIVE Academy. In collaboration with the National Literacy Agency, the Academy is offering reading sessions for children aged 4 to 7 years every Tuesday afternoon.

These sessions blend storytelling with sustainability-themed activities, inviting young participants to explore the principles of environmental stewardship in engaging and interactive ways.

Visitors to ECOHIVE Academy are encouraged to arrive early and explore its interactive exhibits, augmented reality displays, and digital games—all designed to educate and inspire a new generation of eco-conscious citizens. This initiative not only nurtures young minds but also cultivates a deeper understanding of sustainability practices among future leaders and decision-makers.

Main photo: Wasteserv

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