Let’s take care of our mental self

I’ve been thinking of writing this article for months, always putting it off for some other time, but events that happened throughout the past week have encouraged me to speak up.

Mental health is not to be taken lightly. We have seen a former Miss Universe, who in the eyes of many had been successful and supposedly happy, who took her own life. On the other side we have seen a woman allegedly raped and violated by someone who is an influential figure in football.

Through my teenage years, mental health was not given the importance it is getting nowadays, yet I keep asking myself whether we are discussing this subject enough. No one seems to discuss enough the importance of taking care of one’s mental self. Many times, we seem to forget about all the things that may take a toll on our mental health. We don’t ask too often about who or what may be affecting us.

Whilst discussing this topic, one always seems to start with the need of feeling happy, but what makes us happy? Are we giving enough attention to our wellbeing? Are we giving too much attention to the wrong people?

Reading through the articles on Miss USA 2019, the late, Cheslie Kryst, got me thinking, even though she appeared to be happy and fulfilled, somehow this world failed her. I am one to believe that those around us make or break us. Kryst was a lawyer, who advocated social justice. Nonetheless, she didn’t feel she had any other purpose in this world.

Through the past years, something which has affected me personally is, toxic traits all around us. Sometimes toxic environments and toxic people take away our purpose in life.

Sometimes toxic environments and toxic people take away our purpose in life.

Sometimes we fail to acknowledge the harm that those around us cause us. Even though assistance is being provided in wider scenarios, one may still feel ashamed or shy to ask for help.

It all makes me wonder, how we can let other people affect our wellbeing so much. When reading about the allegations Mason Greenwood is currently facing, it makes me feel sick to my stomach, to think about what the alleged victim was going through.

I believe it’s high time that we start dealing with mental health issues in a holistic manner. We must work, to remove the stigma out of this subject, and to realise that Kryst can be all of us.

We should leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that everyone feels secure in our society. After reading through these stories, we have to ensure that we start providing more measures towards the wellbeing of our mental health. Such issues need to be dealt with in workplaces and social places.

Maybe it’s time we start discussing how to incorporate mental health days in the number of sick leave allowance. Ensuring new proposals will give light at the end of the tunnel to people and individuals who are scared to raise their voice, either because of harassment or else due to lack of empathy and bullying from others.

Sometimes, we all feel that we need a break, and this should be accepted by all. Taking care of ourselves should never be compromised, for no reason whatsoever.

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