Making farmers’ lives easier

Farmers no longer need to commute to the Lands Authority’s offices in Valletta to access its services.

Farmers often face challenges involving the Lands Authority, especially when it comes to filling out applications, seeking information on ground rents or agricultural lease payments, and inquiring about various types of assistance being offered.

Now, they no longer need to commute to the authority’s offices in Valletta. Instead, they can access these services at the AgriConnect Office in Pitkalija, Ta’ Qali. This shift came into effect following a signed agreement between the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Animal Rights and the Lands Authority, enabling the Authority’s presence at the AgriConnect Office to cater to the needs of farmers directly.

The Lands Authority handles a wide range of applications from this demographic, encompassing issues like the transfer of agricultural land, the use of agricultural lands as quarries, and questions regarding ground rents that have expired or are nearing expiry. To address these and other issues, the Lands Authority offers special schemes, which have now become more accessible through this new arrangement.

AgriConnect has been instrumental in providing support to farmers, aiming to help them meet compliance and technical requirements necessary for accessing various types of financing and advisory support. This, in turn, enables them to leverage opportunities for diversification and produce higher quality products. Furthermore, AgriConnect aids in the effective planning and management of farming businesses in all aspects.

The services offered by AgriConnect are free of charge, thanks to subsidies from the European Union’s Rural Development programme.

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