Malta: 34 new jobs created per day

Last November the number of people working full-time rose to 234,171.

This means that since March 2013 there has been an increase of 87,184 full-time jobs. In addition, since 2013 there has been an increase of 21,298 part-time jobs. Since the change in Government in 2013 every single day on average, 34 jobs have been added, leading to an overall rise in employment of more than 108,000. This is four times the job creation rate observed before 2013.

Incredibly, one in five of the new jobs have happened since Robert Abela became Prime Minister, even though he has presided over a time of great economic challenge because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, he was able to create the conditions for a rise of more than 20,000 jobs.

Since March 2013 there has been an increase of 87,184 full-time jobs.

In November 2021, the number of full-time jobs was 9,165 higher than a year earlier. Around one in nine of the increased jobs were in the public sector. Of this more than half have been with health or education.

There was an increase of almost 8,150 jobs with the private sector in the twelve months to November 2021. Almost 1,350 were in the construction sector, almost 1,000 in remote gaming, nearly 500 in financial services, about 1,100 in professional services and almost 600 in information and communication. There has also been a growth of 900 full-time employed in private health and education services. Against this, there was a reduction of almost 150 in private sector administrative services.

In the twelve months to November 2021, there was an increase of almost 1,200 self-employed, especially in sectors related to transport and tourism. This reflected the gradual recovery of these industries.

Part-time work increased by almost 6,200 jobs over a year earlier.

Two in five new full-time and part-time jobs were taken by women.

In Gozo, there was an increase of almost 900 full-time jobs, or around ten per cent of all new full-time jobs. This rate is much higher than one would have expected based on the relative size of the labour market in Gozo. Moreover, there was also an increase of around 425 part-time jobs in Gozo, or around 7% of the total increase in part-time work.

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