Malta beats EU2030 target for graduation rate

For the first time, Malta’s graduation rate has surpassed the EU average.

In 2023, Malta achieved a significant milestone in education. Eurostat data shows that 46% of Maltese residents aged 25-34 now hold degrees. This marks the first time Malta’s graduation rate surpassed the European average, of 43%.

Moreover, this result means that Malta exceeded the EU2030 target of having a graduate rate exceeding 45% of the population aged 25-34 by 2030. There are only 12 other countries in the Union that, like Malta. have exceeded the EU2030 strategy target.

The rate of male graduates in Malta is 41%, or well over the 38% observed across Europe. Among women, the rate in Malta is 54% while the European average is 49%.

In 2012 the rate of graduates in Malta was only 28%, while that in the European Union was 34%. Since then, not only has Malta closed the gap with the European average but has now surpassed it.

Photo: Gül Işık

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