Malta secures derogation for its hydrogen ready pipeline proposal

Malta has just secured an EU derogation which will enable it to pursue EU funds for its hydrogen ready pipeline proposal.

The Council of the EU on Energy, meeting in Luxembourg today, agreed to ensure that Malta’s and Cyprus’ Projects of Common Interest which would connect the Island Member States to the trans-European gas network continue to be eligible for funding under the new legal framework.

The Presidency compromise contains a derogation specifically for Malta and Cyprus, and states that this derogation “shall apply until each of the Member State is interconnected to the Trans-European gas network.”

This Derogation means that both Malta and Cyprus can pursue Connecting Europe Facility financing.

The derogation requires these projects to allow access to new energy markets, including hydrogen. Should Malta’s proposal for such a hydrogen-ready pipeline be successful, the country will benefit from a diversified mix of energy sources and improve its security of supply.

Following this agreement, negotiations between the Presidency, the European Commissions and the European Parliament will follow.

In a video message, the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development, Miriam Dalli, said that “Malta will keep working to ensure that our country will be connected to the European grid so that it could benefit from the use of hydrogen gas in the future.”

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J Camilleri
J Camilleri
2 years ago

Good job Minister Dalli. Keep at it….