Malta’s first Animal Honours Awards to be held on October 4th

For those working in the field of animal welfare and animal rights, all too often this translates into having to deal with difficult cases of animal abuse and mistreatment. And yet, in our society, thankfully, most of our animals are loved and cared for as they should, as members of our family. 

It is for this reason that the Animal Honours Awards was created, to give everyone an opportunity to celebrate our beloved animals, as well as those that care for them. 

Members of society can participate by nominating the animals that they believe deserve recognition; those that brighten our day and provide emotional support, those that work hard to keep us and our country safe and those that make us laugh and bring us joy. This is an opportunity to focus on all the positive that animals bring to our lives.

The Animal Honours Awards also aims to give recognition to those persons that make animal welfare one of the goals of their life, be they in uniform, as a profession or a hard-working volunteer.

This is an opportunity to let our favorite animals shine and to give credit to those persons that deserve it. The Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Animal Rights welcomes nominations via to celebrate animals and those that care for them. Deadline for nominations is August 31, 2021. The Animal Honours Awards will be held on 4 October 2021.

The categories are:

Animal Nominations

  • Animals in Uniform
  • Adopted Pet of the Year
  • Smartest Animal
  • Service Dog
  • Farm animal award
  • Funniest Animal
  • Shelter animal most deserving of a home
  • Bravest Pet
  • Favourite Feathered Friend

Human Nominations

  • Best Veterinarian
  • Best Farmer
  • Best Voluntary Organisation
  • Best Person in Uniform
  • Best Journalist
  • Best Educator
  • Best Local Council
  • Best Pet Friendly Catering Establishment
  • Best Young Person Animal Lover
  • Best Volunteer 
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